PS4 frequent crashes and the ramblings of a fanatic

Hello FatShark,

As of PS4 update 1.07 I have been experiencing frequent blue screen crashes as well as connectivity problems. Crashes almost always happen late in a run, either at the finale or shortly before. I have also had crashes immediately after returning to the keep after a run if I am able to complete it. Also, while quickplay seems to be working fine, it is almost impossible to join a game from the lobby browser or to join a friend from the friends list. These result in connection timeouts. As Omitten stated in his post on your bugs thread, we are some of your most devout fans and players you have on the PS4 console. I acknowledge that PC is the primary platform and I am not faulting anyone for that, but those of us who paid for this wonderful game should be able to play it reliably. I have made such a tight group of friends through this game as well as V1, and I see more of these friends leaving the game daily for other games as a 30 minute run ending in a crash feels like a waste of time. To paint a picture and put my thoughts into context, I paid $7 for V1 on a sale late in 2017. I was a complete stranger to the Warhammer world. As I was playing I also started to read the lore book pages, and eventually read them all. This left me wanting more, so I began to pick up the novels, starting with Gotrek and Felix: Trollslayer. I now have 16 novels under my belt and I read daily. I also began collecting and painting miniatures, which caused my two sons to start collecting as well! I am building out a Skaven army (duh!), and my boys each are painting Khorne and Tzeentch. Needless to say V2 was an instant preorder and I played the 3 beta maps every day until full release. Warhammer has become a household name in my house and not a day goes by that it isn’t discussed in some fashion between myself, my wife, and my two sons. My oldest son has gotten to where he can handle Legend and he loves to be able to play with me when we get time. I ramble on about this to put in into perspective just how impactful V1 was to me, and the many other activities that only came about as the result of your fabulous, immersive, and just plain fun games. From one simple fan to the developers of his favorite game, please fix this, so your zealous fanatics can return and get back to what’s important, keeping the Pactsworn at bay.


Firstly let me express how appreciative we are of your support and I love hearing that your wife and sons are involved too. :slight_smile:

We apologise profusely for what our console players have had to put up with - unfortunately there’s been a lot of roadblocks along the way and patching on the console is notoriously complicated in comparison to patching on the PC. I won’t bore you with the details!

Last patch we introduced some additional debugging code which has enabled us to pin down and address a whole bunch of issues. This is in QA at current and will hopefully be with you soon, and will undoubtedly improve your experience as a Vermintide 2 player on the PS4.

Thank you Julia for the fast response! Please know that I have the utmost faith in you and the team. I will be standing by along with the rest of the fanatics.

P.S. Your team sent my son an overly generous gift of some very unique items in response to his fan letter he sent you in February. Just wanted you to know you made a boy very happy and feel special. Due to this you have a loyal fan in me for life, not to mention the other reasons listed in my original post.


I’m delighted to hear that! Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m with Crystal on this one (and it should be noted Crystal is one of the community members that keeps us all sane!).

PS4 has one of the most devout, colorful, vibrant, and open communities I’ve experienced in Verm, both on and off PC. Like him, I’ve met so many wonderful people in Verm, became introduced to Warhammer, and ingrained it in my every day life. There’s not a single day I don’t go thinking about this game.

I’d hate to see these issues—some connection ones in particular where we have to jumble around lobbies to invite people, have been in place since VT1—drive off people who have been some of the most hardcore people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting; as well as newer players. However, when asked if I recommend this game on console, I feel I have to say “yes, but…” When Crystal says he watches close friends leave the game, we know these people! Our community is very tightly-knit, and it’s sad when you don’t see faces you used to see in game anymore.

I had a curious person asking on my Twitch if I’d recommend this game, only to watch me crash multiple times (I did recommend it to him, in the end, and assured him that the crashes were a PS4 thing and not necessarily something that would happen with prominence on PC). I want to be able to recommend you all for PS4 with as much gusto and without any disclaimers and caveats. I want people to stick around and jive and experience our community and culture.

We love and support your team; I hope you all can pin down these issues soon so we can all go back to raving about you!

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Thank you @Exanimia, we’ll do our best to make this right.

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