PS5 crashing

Hi im getting fairly consistent crashes playing on PS5, i ran 3 kerilian runs in a row (hunger in the dark, khorne/belakor chaos waste twice) and all of them crashed the game. this has been consistant throughout my time with this game along with broken connection, backend error and failure to create playstation lobby error messages. is there anything i can do to hopefully remedy these crashes? or am i to sit with my fingers crossed for a patch to playstation. Im leaning towards walking away from the game from all this wasted time spent getting 75% through missions only to crash at the end. please fatshark i really like this game and am feeling like i could be spending my time better with other games.

My PSN is Milkmanus

since posting this i have had a new crash i hadnt seen before, an in game message saying “cannot connect to game server” while i was changing the zealots weapon illusions. im now stuck in the taals horn keep loading screen.

We’re working to resolve crashes experienced on console. More crash fixes will be coming in our next console updates.

If you’re also experiencing some connectivity errors, e.g. broken connection, then it’s worth trying some of our solutions here:

thank you for the acknowledgement, ive seen chatter about fatshark leaving playstation behind and was worried the game would lose support before these almost game breaking crashes were addressed/resolved. Thanks, i will wait with my fingers crossed for a smoother gameplay experience in the future

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