Still Crashing During Expeditions on Playstation

On Ps5, freshly hotfixed version 1.24 and I’m still crashing during expeditions. The crash occurs mid gameplay, often during a horde or boss spawn or the beginning of an event. It just closes the app and says an error occured without any additional information. My first run today crashed near the end, even. I would very much like to be able to play CW without the soul crushing defeat that comes with a random game crash.

Furthermore and maybe off-topic but why aren’t bots able to avoid environmental hazards such as blood tornados and exploding skull totems? My bots just stand in them and take damage which is very obviously frustrating.

Could you PM me your PSN ID so I can attempt to look up the crashes you’re experiencing please?

Edit: As for the bot complaints, you should see improvements in our next large patch.

Embarrassingly enough, I can’t seem to figure out how to send a PM here but my PSN is ItsShooty_ and I don’t mind it being posted here if that’s the concern. I appreciate you looking into it :slight_smile: I also am quite pleased to hear there are bot improvements coming!

I’ve been able to look up your crashes and can see the issues you’re experiencing are on our radar - you should see a substantial improvement in our next patch, although regrettably I’m not able to provide an ETA at this time. :frowning:

That’s understandable and it’s quite alright. I’m happy enough to know that Fatshark is aware of the issues and improvements are coming. Thanks for your time!

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