Playable Female Ogryns

I’ve seen discussions about female Ogryns here and there, how they are only even seen in the lore, but no actual images or miniatures, apart from a few I found, or close, but still within the GW works, like the female Ogre Ugrik the Lost, or the female Ogre players in Bloodbowl, they are probably the closet thing to female Ogryns we have, so, using my 3D posing app, I try to create their body types at least, a Young Adult, Mature, and Mature with a belly, so here they are.

My 3D posing app is limited, it’s not like blender, I can only morph models into different figures, and screenshot them and use them for art references, or to sketch over if I had an art app to draw with, I do my work on paper.

I already posted these on other platforms, and I plan on making more, but with armor and weapons, sure Female Ogryn aren’t as battle ready as males, but still worth seeing how they might look if they did join the ranks, if anything, the frames I made could be use for the bases and groundworks if actual minatures do start appearing, hard to say.

Anyways, thank you for the read, and enjoy you day everyone :slight_smile:


I, uh…

I’m gonna need some time alone.


I like big girls, what can I say?


She… She looks like me…

She’s built like me… I… thank you





I’d love to see femgryns in game!! I bet the sound designer would bring out some fantastic and hilarious dialogue for them too :smiling_face:


Kinda getting vibes of Nanny from Count Duckula :joy:


There was little to work with, but I made due with what I could find XD

I’m still shocked that the bloodblow female ogres are official miniatures, different time and place within the Warhammer universe, but close enough to match up with Ogryns at least 9_e


I’m just laying out the groundwork for canon characters that don’t have models of their own XD


Just remember, Ogryns stand between 8’2" and 9’8" tall, just saying XD

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Let’s see what the books says…


Says the man who’s deepest desire is to be a steam tank.




I am fairly certain there just aren’t female ogryns, at least on tabletop they dont have official models (no, fantasy ogres and 40k ogryns ARE different) and the lore reason is because ogryns are extremely protective of females and would go apeshit if a commissar tried to force them offworld

also you have managed to give all your male 3d models normal pants and shirts but females have crop tops/bras and massive tits which makes this entire thread suspect

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The app I am using is limited, I don’t make the rules, I am just using what I have on hand… ^_^;


He put the males and females in simple clothes, that a lot of male and female humans would typically wear.
Makes sense to me.

Regarding the massive boobs…
The female ogre models have massive tits. Why would female ogryn not have big jugs? If you put small boobs on such massive bodies, you would barely be able to tell they were there, at which point you might just as well take a male ogryn and call it Olga.

Also, considering that milk production is what boobs are for, and how massive ogryn are, it would only make sense for the boobs to be big.
I bet baby ogryn are pretty damn hungry and need a lot of milk.
Ogryn are abhumans (mammals) after all.


Those femogryns looks ugly, unsightly, almost disgusting. That’s why we need them in Darktide.
The game allready is hardly about pretty characters, so it won’t break anythig in that part.

IIRC there is no good lore reason for not having them. If we can have buffed out femcustodies, why not burly femogryns ey?
The whole shnit about males not allowing females is just stupid. It is not like empire ever cares about opinions of their subjects.

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We need female psyker Ogyrns.

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But we shouldn’t.
The lore always specified that ALL custodes are male.

Guess we also need men in the Sisters of Silence then?
Go away with that bs.

It is not about males not allowing females.
It is about a few idiots wanting to rewrite history in order to fit their narrative, despite how little sense it makes.