Performance is terrible since last hotfix

Issue Description: After the AMD issue and getting the hot fix in, I can now play, but the game is basically a slideshow. It used to run just fine, now I am often experiencing 1-2 seconds of lag on everything. On loading into a mission it’s about 10 seconds before I can even move.

The game has lagged out and crashed out of missions multiple times with error code 2014, but doesn’t register anything in crash_dumps (I assume that’s only if the whole program crashes).

Note, this was buttery smooth, near perfect prior to the last set of patches, so it is definitely a change caused by those. Not sure if it’s a graphics thing or a client/server thing, it seemed to impact all the people in my matches who were on Discord with me.

Steps to Reproduce:
Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT - Which is pretty new, bought basically just to play Darktide
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790K CPI @ 4.00 GHz

Graphics using the medium preset with ray tracing turned off

Occurs most matches but isn’t constant.

Platform: Steam

Reproduction Rate:
Common (<50%) - Often (<75%)

Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
console-2023-05-31-23.50.09-55871cfb-435d-46f9-8015-138159660d97.log (1.9 MB)

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in logs you have provided there is a lot of “panic started” stating you have received packet frlm the future. looks like network client/server issue.

I get constant stutter in mission since patch #10. Was smooth 70ish fps before. Mourningstar is fine, just in missions.

Has anyone tried that experimental build as workaround?

Think I can confirm this was probably just network issues with the server, because it stopped happening after a day or two.

i get rly bad perf too. feels like someone swapped my 6900xt with 6600…

i cannot even get 4k@60fps in the middle of fight on normal damnation game. stuff just is jitter and very low fps (30ish) when more enemies are on screen.

morningstar from spawn point looking at green map is 100fps unless someone joins, then it drops to 10 for 1s.

will try new build soon and see if it helps.

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Please let us know if it works!

experimental build does seem to fix perf issues related to last patch. the stall bug on model load is still there on amd rx 6900xt and win10.

doing update to win11 now, and then bios update and replace my 3600 with 5800x :wink: what you dont do to play this game

//edit: win11 changes nothing. stalls on model loads are still there. perf is like on win10.

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Thanks for the update!

Is the experimental build working good otherwise? Download size is same as main branch? Updates and hotfixes are available right away or delayed? Mods working fine?

it made no difference for me. still low 20s FPS and stutterville

yay. putting ryzen 5800x instead of ryzen 3600 made gpu more busy and i have no ingame stutter now. geez what a perf hog.

crysis would be proud

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Unfortunately Brute forcing to stability might be the only solution considering their recommended requirements on Steam state a 9700k or 3600 should be more than adequate .

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