After the last hotfix the game become more stutter

Issue Description:

After the last hotfix I found the game have lag spike or stutter very frequently (5-10 times per a minute ) but no crash. Still get disconnect from time to time anyway.

I don’t know what cause this. but I didn’t change any option before and after the hotfix release.

Not to troll or anything, but when creating a topic for bugs, technical support and performance issues, a template gets applied, to gets more data on the issue and something for the dev’s to work with.

Sharing this might help the dev’s find a root cause and other players with similar setup to identify the same issue or even post a workaround.

I had similar issues, I’ve disable G-Sync as a fix, but since I don’t know you system specification and if your even using G-sync to begin with, this fix might not be for you.

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These 2001 / 2003 errors are real man I can Only do two certain missions IF I don’t pick up any books or crates and even then IF I’m Lucky and I keep my actions to a minimum, even sprinting too long disconnects me game is just fully unplayable at this point =_C. Switch characters? won’t even make it to the mission terminal.