People Hate Victor Saltzpyre

So being a Zealot player I have been joining some champion games and people have kicked me for playing Saltz . Players hate his low tier ass so much they kick me out of groups because I won’t play another character because he is so bad for group play in so many peoples mind. I have been told his damage is low his defense is low his skills are useless and I should just avoid him. He has been my favorite class since VT1 and I don’t want to change characters because for some damned reason VT2 community is so angry at the state of the game and its characters they kick players for who they play not even what. I could understand if it was too many dps or too many tanks or too many melee but no it is just straight up Saltz hate. I have NEVER been kicked for playing a character in all my time playing either of the two games until now. WTF community.


You know, i never encountered something like that.
Maybe you are doing something wrong during the game?

Only thing is some dudes were asking me to leave, because my 15 level is not enough for some reason. And they dont care if you have, like, 500~ hero power

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Hmm 500 hero power on 15 lvl?

If you have 15 lvl and 500+(eaven flat 500 for this matter) hero power that means that you cheating so much that is out of hat.

15 lvl x 10 hero power by level = 150 hero power now minus 500 that’s 350 average hero power per item when the max is 300. Hmm collaborate with me man how?


I don’t remember exact number im going to check it right now. its near 450-490~

So, my zalts is 450 hero power on 18 level now.

zealot is definitely hit or miss, when i see one join i have a sense of dread as most don’t play it well enough and i’d rather have any other of his classes. that said people kicking you because of it is just utter stupidity though. i know people getting booted out of veteran games because they’re not level 20 etc. the community is in a really terrible place right now, and it’s over difficulties that can be solo’d or done with bots which makes it all the worse.

just keep at it and try to find some people you enjoy playing with and friend up.

Victor recently got nerfed for all his subclasses, maybe those people overreacted but that is not totally unreasonable. Give dev time I hope they will come out better balance.

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I’m little different in all aspect of everything. But I would never kick Victor from my party. I love this man and his voice line, or maybe because I do not know how to kick or something;]

The only heroes that haven’t been targeted for hate at this point are Bardin and Kruber. I’ve heard of Sienna and Kerillian players getting kicked too. Fortunately, the team does have to have more than two characters…

Just roll your eyes and keep on playing. Don’t let the bastards get you down, especially if it was only a few games.


This ^.

Just let them die (those who kicked you at OP).

Nothing ever will stop you from winning this holy war of your!

In Champ + I would recommend level 20 for some of the softer melee roles such as Zealot. While certainly not needed if your reflexes are up to par I can not blame a random group for being some what skeptical when 9 out of 10 times they lack the sustain outside of chugging down every potion available in the map.

What got nerfed? Was it something this morning?

I mean, i would understand this only on Legend.
When you hit 300-400 hero power there is nothing wrong to play champ on low level. Just open some boxes or craft items, you can get high hero power stuff from crafting.

No, I mean all his subclasses got nerfed since the game final released.

Witch hunter active duration got nerf, now it only lasts 6 sec.

Bounty hunter active seems to be odd, on dummy it still deals massive damage but in reality it deals noticeably less damage than ranger weapon cluster shot(repeating pistol & volley crossbow).

Zealot active speed buff now only gives 20%(it was 50% during pre-order beta)

Upon that some LV25 talents got nerfed as well. Dev also nerfed some other talents.

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Oh gotcha yeah, out of all of them BH got hit the least the fact he still has basiclly unlimited ammo and w crazy spamable ability is nuts.

Bounty hunters repeater pistol can shoot his RMB without spending any ammo, every 8 seconds. I would say its really powerful, he still kills everything around without any effort. Even armored chaos warrior got wasted with it.

And word about bosses. Devs want you to fight every boss, using team play and tactics. They dont want you to have ‘‘delete all’’ button with bosses. Like it was with huntsman Kruber, or BH with every mission final boss

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Fast killing is what bounty hunter designed for. His overall talent is all about ranged damaging, instead his melee ability has no boost from his talent much. Despite he can kill special without much effort, but I do think fast reaction, prioritizing target and melee combat is what good bounty hunter needs to be capable of.

I know some bounty hunters just spamming ammo and seems easy to play him, I don’t like that either. (bounty hunter without ammo on higher difficulty will harm the team and spamming ammo can be teamkiller)

As for boss, the only boss bounty hunter could easily one shot was the huge chaos warrior. Dev didn’t apply damage reduction to his armor. And I do think the active needs to do good damage to boss, the skill needs to get close and has high attention once being used.

And dev nerfed his passive cooldown to 10 sec now.

Kinda off topic now, I like that way bounty hunter performs, he needs to use melee weapon in order to use powerful ranged attack constantly, that requires skill and I think it is great synergy.

Does not even really requier skill, you just kill a random mob dash back Q shooy repeat. Honestly when they put the 10 second timer on him I laughed because it was so crappy it was not even a nerf.

I think we have different thoughts. If I play bounty hunter to kill one rat than switch to ranged weapon to kill another rat then repeat this process again. I don’t think I should play him since he is more special-oriented, I do see some players use rapier pistol to get constant passive skill to kill every minor enemies in the path. But that is detrimental to the team on higher difficulty, bounty hunter needs to kill armored/special fast and there will be scenario where he has to fight horde by himself, then you will appreciate you can melee to reset passive cooldown.

I think your playing him wrong then, I’m constantly top of every chart by killing pretty much everything with the volley bow. I hit one Rat back out volley shot, spend no ammo and recover 6 rounds minimum and then first twice more, jump back in, kill, jump out, repeat and never loose ammo.

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