Victor Saltzpyre BOT PLZ!

I know the issue have been brought up in another post, by seriously.
Bots need to cycled through at some point. My friend and I like playing with just the two of us and the bots are ALWAYS the same characters. NEVER has Victor been chosen.


I would greatly appreciate this. I would typically play with two friends and one bot in the first game, with hundreds of hours into it, but since none of us used Saltzpyre, we hardly ever got to hear his lines. Like, almost none of it, and that’s a damn terrible shame because he had some of the best lines, from what little I did hear.

Thats probably because bots cannot play him well :stuck_out_tongue:

I play with bots a lot to level up the other characters that i dont play a lot. I would love to see Salty in the line up xD

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