Can we get some variation and choice on bots?

I like to play alone sometimes (with bots) when I want to explore the map, get to know fights and just goof off with builds. However, I would also like to have some input with my bots and also what career they have. Just being permanently stuck with the same two beginner bots gets old, and it doesn’t teach players about the career system and how heroes interact with one another.

After a certain level on your character (like maybe level 15) it would be great to be able to set up our bots on an options page, along with their careers and talents. Maybe even give us some basic AI choices governing behavior (like making an Ironbreaker bot aggressive).

I am not asking to be able to outfit the bots with armor and weapons (their power level should match yours with basic class weaponry), but it would be great to have variance when running solo.


Your bots use whatever gear and talents you have equipped on that character, with hero power scaled to your own.

I BELIEVE the way it works is the bots chosen are based on what you have that character selected as along with the gear they use.

At least thats the way it seems to work with me.

They will use whatever career, equipment and skills you gave them before you launched the mission. As such, if you play the dwarf and you give him a shotgun and then you decide to play, say, the witch hunter, the dwarf bot will keep the shotgun until you switch it out. Same for all the skills etc.

The only thing you dont have direct control over is which bots you get. Which, admittedly, would be a nice feature to have.


what others said already in this thread. your bots use whatever setup and class you give them (u gotta level those chars up first)

the only thing is that u can’t choose the witchhunter to be your companion. he’s too good for escorting peons. sniff nose in air

I am pretty sure you get the characters with the highest heropower as your bots. At least my bots switched as soon as i leveled them .

All I want is Saltspyre bot.

I just wish bots were a bit smarter, they really do some stupid things like almost never use ranged weapons, get in your way, waste potions, run after teleporting sorcerers etc.

Bots use the career and gear you left them with.
Waystalker bot is a ranged killer, and Unchained Bot is a useful tank.
Kruber and Dwarf equipped with rifle are also good special killers.

They use ranged as it should be used, aside from Sienna Bot which could do with some better stave use logic.

Oh, and avoid using Slayer bot, he tends to try and hit specials at range with his melee weapons. Funny to see, but not useful.

Good to know, but that requires leveling all of them. Understanding what the careers do before that process (so you can plan better when in groups with people based on their career) can be useful to new players.

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