Set Bot Lineup For Private Match's/Deeds

I think it would be cool if we could specify which bots we take with us, instead of the standard kruber, sienna, kerlillian, bard lineup that is always there. Personally, I don’t like sienna at all, and having a lvl 3 bot on every deed my friend and I do is ludicrious on champion and legend.


I’d take even random bot over the current style. Would at least bring some more variation to playing without full group… And it would bring us Victor-bot. Of course, being able to actually choose our bot(s) would be even better. That way we could utilize the bots better, somewhat mitigating our deficiencies. You can always equip your bots for certain situations, but heck if I (or my friend who usually hosts) can be bothered to do that every time someone changes careers or equipment. Or remember the bot preference order.

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