[mod suggestion] hero composition

let hosts choose which heroes can join a match the way we can select which bots we can have in a private match.

have a way to only allow any career from kruber, saltzpyre, bardin, sienna but leave out elf careers or allow elf careers and ban kruber careers for example. i dont know how to make mods but it would be neat if hosts had more control over their own games.

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I don’t know about this if online, but if you’re hosting a private game you can choose which characters the game prioritize. It’s in options under Gameplay.

The careers can be selected if you use the loadout manager.

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That option is for your bots.

i know about that. i’m talking about when i quickplay with my friend if we could choose to have certain hero to not be able to join our game.

Yeah. That’s why I was telling freq. However, I’m not sure about limiting careers. It makes sense, but matchmaking is already an issue. Also, it would make it really hard to QP as something like a BH or Huntsman.

I’ll be the first to ban Sienna from my games. Nothing personal, but fire effects paired with her weapons’ hitboxes and her ults just make her presence extremely irritating and obnoxious.


i was getting hit by fire when i was standing up against the wall and she was standing next to me. i wasnt even in front of her! but lately theres been a lot of elf players who would rather cause wipes than to play as a team. like rushing off, dying, then screaming into voice chat/writing obscene things in chat. it was never a problem before but this past week has been awful. i dont understand why people want to solo the map through quickplay. there’s an option right there for private match in custom.

all i want is to be able to exclude one hero from quickplay. anyone else would be welcome to join. this is just a way to hopefully limit toxic players since we have no way to ban angry people. i dont want to hear them scream. i dont want to see them tell me to kill myself or that my friends and i are the bad players because they died and we didnt. its gross.

edit: i know not all elf players are bad but it seems to have become worse this past week than before.

Well, having a prejudice about people playing certain characters might not be a popular idea - they’re all kinda equally played by dumb people.

Limiting the detrimental effect of a certain character itself on my sanity, eyesight, and FPS would be very welcome though on my end.

how is matchmaking an issue? i have no problems with people joining games.

I don’t really know about lower difficulties, but I know it’s definitely an issue in Cata. I don’t really see why comp would matter that much though. You’d be better off just hoping you get a decent player.


tbh i did manage to find a decent elf player last night that is pretty chill. he new player like me but doesnt get mad and curse the whole team if he goes down. we completed 4 orange champ deeds last night. it was fun :grin:

so mod doesnt need to be made anymore. there are decent people still in the world!

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