Please ban me to join any players that are not in my friend list

Hello! I really like Vermintide 2. It is one of my favorite games. But I also really hate elves and players who don’t care about others and put their whole party in danger just because they want green circles. (which are mostly elves) I seem to be disliked by a lot of players because of this fact. (since almost everyone plays elves) And it creates a toxic atmosphere. So please prevent all players who are not in my friend list from joining me. Bots are not perfect but I am more than capable to complete Legend QPs with all books with them and I actually like them more than the most people so it is ok. (I have to play QPs because of daily/weekly quests)
I think it’s not good for the community to try to add random people to my game.
This is my profile.

Before you start a game, and even while you’re hosting a game, you can set your matchmaking to private. It’s an option in the mission book and in the tab menu when you’re in a game. Setting your lobby to private will only allow your friends to join.

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I know that but it does not work with QPs and even with the " Host your own game" mod people usually join before the mission even starts and allows you to make it private in the tab menu.

Unfortunately I don’t think you can start a private Quickplay match.
You can definitely do it with a Custom Game.

I cannot complete this while playing Custom Games sadly… So I am forced to be confronted with randoms which means careless elves mostly…

If you don’t like playing with random people then don’t do the quickplay weeky. 50 shillings is nothing.

I am a completionist. I can’t help myself. I just cannot stand incomplete things.

If you come across one person you have a negative interaction with, well, that happens. But if you have a negative interaction with almost everybody you come across, I think you should at least consider what the common factor there is…


I’m gonna play javstalker and aggressively join your games.

Well, that will be a nice pvp game then I suppose. .-)

On quickplay, once the map has started, press tab and tick the “public” checkbox to set it to private instead. Despite saying “private”, it is actually “friends only”. Steam friends can join your lobby at any time, even without an invite. Vermintide 2 has no “true private” or “invite only” lobby setting.

Use the Steam block functionality:

Go to Steam → View → Players to see the Steam profiles of players you’ve recently played with, so you can block them.

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The problem is that people usually join before the map is loaded.

Nice! Thank you very much. I will use it. :slight_smile:

Ugh, toxic small man syndrome, cringe af takes and hypocritical. Mad cuz bad.


I knew I was going to poke the elf’s nest. :smiley:

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I am posting this just as reference for the devs. I have dialogues like this almost every Quick Play I play. I am trying to be polite as possible but elves are always angry anyway. I don’t think it’s good for the community.


It is indeed unfortunate to have birds sh*t on your bike/car/person regularly, no one sane should be happy when that happens to them. But if you run outside and start flying a iron reinforced kite tethered to a metal wire during a thunderstorm…then it is not the neighbor’s, the doctor’s or even the crapping birds’ fault you got zapped.

I seriously suspect you´d have a more positive pleasant experience if you…did not do such things?


I think that’s a much better way than just kicking her out.

On this subject, private game option for weaves next time you patch this. The only reason I haven’t touched it is my inability to play them with with 1-2 friends or even by myself.

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