Please make starting solo quick play possible

Hi! Please make starting solo quick play possible, or at least make possible to disband party in missions.
I play quick plays just for shillings and I don’t want any random players there. Usually I just ask them to leave my game when someone manages to join before I can change the settings in the game to a private game but sometimes people don’t leave and when there’s more than one I can’t kick them off and I just have to quit the game and start over. It is annoying…

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I see no reason to be ashamed of expressions: these “people” in most cases do not come out on their own, for good. As if politely not to ask.
Because the trolls. Because they can’t do anything at all, just run forward. Because they are dumb, deaf and blind.

My heart aches every time I have to mess with Quickplay. Why didn’t anyone think?

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I’m not particularly fussed, but doesn’t that kinda remove the point of quickplay? That is, to give a loot incentive to help the match making pool? I assume that’s also kinda the point of the quickplay quests.

Would be real nice though to also have an alternate quickplay with no loot bonus for when you wanna run solo and do a random map.


there used to be a mod for this.

The mod still works and you can set the game private ASAP once ingame

I guess with it being sanctioned FS stance is it’s okay but don’t make it too easy to do

Yes, I have it. But sometimes people join before a mission start and you can set it…


Basically, you want QP without having to adapt to QP and you are toxic to people who join. Nice. I hope I never played with you.


My point was I don’t think it’s ever going to get easier than it is with the mod. I don’t see Fatshark letting you start private quickplay games from lobby

Maybe not, but I still ask for it. .-)

what did he mean by this

That some players are as***les. :smiley:

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