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My suggestion is for console (Xbox one). I can’t speak for PC because I dont know how theirs is setup, but for xbox I can’t make quick play a private match with my 1 or 2 friends. I really wish there was a private option, so I can either play with all bots, or 1 or 2 friends, and the rest bots. I know quick play was set up for better loot and to force people to play together, but when it takes up to 2 minutes for another player to join mid game, and it removes your bot in the mean time it is really annoying. When they do join the game finally, they are so far back in the map because they spawn where the bot initially left, it is almost impossible to catch up to you so they end up dying. It causes me to wipe in almost any quick play game I am hosting. Either that or they are just bad players who end up wiping the group anyway.

It should be able to be made private, so I can play it by myself or with 1 other person, and have bots still, so I can still get the loot bonus without having to wait 2 minutes for people to join mid game only for my group to wipe. Really annoying feature that brings down the game tremendously. I have never seen another post about this, only posts about the map generation in quick play. I have no problem with the map generation even if I do play the same map 2 or 3 times. That is not my issue. I have had games where I’m the only one left in the quick play, and I’ve died because all 3 of the bots disappear so that others can join but it takes up to 2 minutes for them to join, so I end up wiping…

I’d like this. And let me tell you, it’s not as much to avoid bad pubs, as for having the choice to host the game. Few things in the game are as annoying as hosts rage quitting midgame

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The situation is the same for PC, and this has been requested before.

Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s rear end about the loot bonus, but as Okri’s quests, both daily and weekly, need QP and as playing QP actually makes it easier to choose a map to play (i. e. lets us forgo the choice and leave it to Ranald), it’s still an occasional choice. But as I don’t really like to play with strangers (and neither do half of my team anyway), we only really get to do it when we have a full group. Allowing private Quickplay would remedy this, but as I’ve gathered that one of the reasons for the system is to encourage people to socialize more, with new people, it would go somewhat against that, so I also see why there hasn’t been any change.

The only other thing (for my part) that would alleviate the problems would be less weight placed on the QP in quests, particularly at events.

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I guess with the addition of the loot dice from bosses now, the loot bonus isn’t as important anymore. Yes, the daily missions do still make it necessary to play them which can be annoying. I wouldn’t mind it as much if they just changed the match making system, so that your bot wouldn’t be removed from the game for 2 minutes until the person loading in joins. I am not sure why it is so much worse in this game. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember it being that bad in the first Vermintide game. I am pretty sure the bots would stay in your party right up until someone loaded in.

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