Why no Saltzpyre bot? Discrimination?

Maybe choose party option in a menu or something?

I’m no code jockey, but this can’t be rocket surgery.

Players of the world shall rejoice, Xbox players will fawn in awe.

You will become monstrously rich.


Isn’t it obvious!? Fatshark is in league with the ratmen! Why else would they discriminate against a witch hunter, especially one who is renowned for his rat slaying prowess.


What gets me is that this was included in previous patch notes:


no saltz bot? better 3 saltzpyre bots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: https://imgur.com/a/c6KL0Yh


Aren’t the bots based on the last characters you played with? Simply use Salty boy and then he will appear in your games as your 1st choice for bot. Unless it’s bugged…

You got me thinking about 4 Waystalkers in a run now… /orgasm

Nope, no choosing bots that way. There is a kind of a preference list for the bots, with the slot going to the free character with the highest priority. As Victor has the lowest preference out of five characters, and there’s only four slots, you’ll never see him as a bot. I’m not sure, but I think (based on how often I’ve seen each bot) the list is from most preferred to least Sienna, Markus, Kerillian, Bardin, Victor. Who or what you’ve played does affect the bots Careers, though.

In VT1, Victor-bot could occasionally appear if a player who played as Victor dropped out mid-run for some reason, but now the default bot comes to replace him. I think there’s already a mod to choose your bot (among other things), but I too really wish something like that was default.


Ok, that’s what made me think it was based on what character you last played lol. I hardly ever play Salty boy so I just assumed that’s how it works. Thanks for the info

So which MTX subscription dlc do I have to pay to get to choose bots?

I have money Fatshark.

You listening?

In VT 1 there was a setting where you could choose a specific hero to not appear in your games I think :thinking: Iam not sure if this affected the bots though. But I remember seeing Victor Bots and I would love to have him as a Bot in VT2, cause I think he would be more usefull than Sienna (Or change him with Kerillian just be rid of her annoying arrogance).

That was definitely a mod setting.

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If i remember correctly, Markus, Bardin, Kerillian and Sienna were the Core Group from the beginning in Vermintide 1. Saltz came later and there was no way to get him as bot in the standard game too. (Unless mods)

It was no descriminition, there was just no need to add a 5th bot. This should be a coop Game ans not “run with your best bots” Game. ^^

Btw Ironbreaker / Unchained are the strongest bots actually.

In VT1 Sienna and Victor were mutually exclusive. If you played Victor you couldn’t have a Sienna bot, and the opposite.

I never played with mods though ^^

At least they should just start whitelisting mods already so modders can right this heresy.


Heretics and chaos-worshipers all.

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Well I suspect that the Saltzpyre Bot defaults to Witch Hunter Captain… which is the weakest character in the game…

Devs are probably well aware of it since they nerfed the crap out of WHC and the Saltz weapons as a whole… and now he’s probably useless as a Bot.

EDIT: and not much better to actually play.

Guess you didn’t actually read the thread. Bots classes are based off the last job of each class you played. Played Pyro last for Sienna, that’s the bot you will get. ETC


Yup he’s definitely the lowest priority.

The Irony of that is that I probably would not have bought the game back then if those were the only characters in the game.

I had no interest in the other characters. I had some interest in Marcus…

But what sold me on V1 back then was watching Saltzpyre use the Brace of Pistols and Rapier in the original Video on the Verm 1 Page.

I was like… ok that’s unique, I think I’ll give this a try i kinda like that Character.

theirs a mod for that

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