Bot Only use heavy attacks Even 4.2 doesnt fix

Since Engineer version update, Victor and Bardin melee AI are both broken, they use heavy attacks in every situation no matter what they are facing, tide or single enemy. They no longer use light attack or other attacks any more, which makes them vulnerable cuz they can easily get hurt if only use slower heavy attack.
I test almost every weapon without mod and none seems funtioning well. Before Engineer version, everything works fine. I was hoping 4.2 would do something but it didnt.
Plz take serious look into this bug !!!

The bots will use light attacks with the bot mod. I think bots have become better with weapons that have single target charged attacks like mace or exe sword.

Unfortunately, the bots only use charged attacks with some of the good weapons like mace & sword, bret sword, greatsword and i think saltspyre use only charged attacks with rapier.

What fatshark should have done is make the bots use light attacks against infantry (reverse for 2h hammer, 2h axe and axe&shield) and charged attacks against armoured targets. It would be nice to make the bots use charged attacks with the wom weapons too.

I test it with bot mod. The bug has nothin to do with mod or what weapon they use. Because only Vitor and Barding AI are broken. Markus Sienna and Elf are all normal as usual.

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