Bots vs Heavy Attacks, Specials and Archers

I’m pretty sure we all know this but bots became dumb.
I use mod Bot Improvements - Combat, but this doesn’t seem to help at all.
So, here are some issues I’d like to address this time.

  1. For some reason bots (they use shield bash if they have one, however) don’t use heavy attacks on armored enemies anymore. They did it before patch 3.4 and it was pleasant to see Kruber deleting stormvermin with executioner sword. Now it’s a mess.
  2. They seem to prioritize killing specials above everything else. Literally, everything. They equip ranged weapons ignoring enemies nearby and chase specials until they get too close almost into melee range. Infuriating.
    So, here’s the video with those two issues shown I’ve managed to record:
  3. Bots still ignore archers. Or not? Sienna doesn’t like them, that’s for sure, others do. Here are two videos of weird bots’ behaviour towards archers:
    Bots completely ignore archers:
    Sienna beams archer to death:
    P.S. Yes, I gave them weave weapons to compencate their lack of common sence with more power but it doesn’t help at all.
    P.P.S. Allow me to express my frustration with this image:

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