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We could have given a couple hats to veterans, but we couldn’t have let them decide which without creating an entirely new system for that. So we would have given random hats, and my money would be on those hats being the ‘wrong’ ones.

On paper, sure, but in practice not so much. An idea is much easier to come up with than a workable solution. Given the situation you propose had happened, the next complaint would be “I opened 100 Legend Emp Vaults but some players hoarded those and now have better chances of items from those, I want my Legend Emp Vaults compensated because it’s not fair I didn’t hoard like those guys did.”

Simply put, we had to draw a line in the dirt and move past it, which is what we did. It’s a shame for those who didn’t hoard boxes, but it genuinely isn’t the end of the world. There will be more boxes, more hats, skins and frames and all sorts introduced to the game going forward and people may still hoard boxes now and wait for those. We’re not going to add compensation every time we add something to the game for players who were there previously and did not hoard boxes. It’d be crazy.

It’s being discussed, for sure, and something I too (and many here) are very keen on putting in place. Watch this space.


Thank you for answering. I really hope that it gets implemented, it would surely help out greatly with the frustration that me and a LOT of other players are feeling


You just got me all moist <3

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Maybe the only thing is to propose a full reset (all the items) giving back all the previously earned boxes (if such data is saved somewhere).
I think this would be the most fair way. I was pondering the given reset idea, but having to re-lvl everything… I don’t know if in the next weeks I’ll have enough time for that, and I cannot force my friends to reset their account too.
Lucky enough this isn’t an end of the world problem. And there is always another game.

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Thanks for taking the time to try to address some questions and concerns, even if people don’t always agree on a workable answer (our way of experiencing/viewing will always be personal, everyone’s a critic and has their opinion) it’s still good to see someone in here give it a whirl.


That would take literally one sql query.

I am not a database pro, but I studied them in university and I worked with them a few times and have friends administrating databases. I know exactly how hard it is.

You’re saying it so, as if that’s some kind of bad thing. Why?! A lot of players left because of lack of loot and unfair randomness. Basically they burnt out. And fair compensation, let me emphasize - fair compensation, could bring them back and change their attitude to you; make them respect you, possibly even love you.

But putting that aside, if you pay attention to the comments, you will see, that no one is complaining about red items compensation, only about cosmetics. There is 2 reasons for that:

1.) People are not dumb. They realize, that there is no way to compensate for reds, because there is no way to know how many chests were obtained by each player. With commendation chests the situation is completely different, and it’s is very easy to calculate the number of chests each player has received during their playtime.

Unless, of course, you keep track of all opened chests, but that’s unknown to public, so we presume you do not.

2.) Players actually care only about 3 things. These things are: green dust, cosmetics and bad luck/duplicate protection, with hats being most important of the three. And if you provide them with those, they will be pretty happy and satisfied, and will praise you indefinitely.

So yes, people don’t care about red items as much as you think. They just want hats, different builds and not to get frustrated by rng - simple as that. This things are not obvious, and realizing them took me dozens of hours, but you’re a community manager, you spend hundreds of hours here and on reddit. Can’t you see that at least statistically?

And if you do not believe me, I made a post with couple of hundred links and over a hundred likes, posted on april 22. And these 3 things have been listed there at that time already, with green dust problem being evaluated as most important one and randomness frustration as second most important. Only mistake I made back then, is underestimated how much people love hats - I think hats availability should be #1 priority. But even then it was clear that hats are very important:

It would be crazy not to do that. Actually, that’s a very common practice.

For example in LoL players got rewarded with tons of dust when rune pages got removed. So much dust, that they could buy, idk, 20 champions or so. But Riots did that, and that didn’t break the game.

In HoTs, when Hots 2.0 went live, players retroactively received chest for every level they acquired before rework. Not a 30% or 50% compensation - a 100% retroactive rewards with hundreds of chests for veteran players.

These are just a couple offhand examples. And Idk how you do not understand that, but that kind of behavior is exactly what players expect from you, because such behavior is common, logical and fair.

And I would love to ask one and one only question, if I may. Do you think it’s okay, that completing your game (getting all items) would take several thousand hours?


You mean VT1? :wink:

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What are you talking about? I got 30 chests yesterday just for the challenges that I’ve already done in the past. Sure, there are some new things lke “Hit a flying Gutter Runner”, or “Kill a globadier before he throws” but a lot of those can be done in a couple of days or even less.

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Me too. I saw no login reward :fearful:

(or i’m an idiot and I already got it, just didn’t realize)

Thx for Your time

Even higher priority than fixing bugs or trying to improve gameplay experience etc.?


Wanted to comment on here about something a bit different - the Book of Challenges.

I am very much happy with the “challenge” part. Logical enough rewards, logical enough challenges, something to steadily work towards.


Then comes the Daily “Quests” part - That part of the Book seemed good on first glance. “Oh boy, 3 tasks to do on a daily basis for extra loot, more motivation for me and my buddies to keep on playing day in and day out!”.
Imagine my confusion when i login today to see that Daily “Quests” reset has only reset/given me 1 quest out of 3 and that next one is coming in another whooping 24 hours. That is just freaking sad, pardon my French. This REALLY doesn’t compare to what daily section of V1’s Bounty Board did. How is this okay? Is the reason for such slow trickle of daily quests simply due to quality of rewards (Emperor’s Chest)? Then it is still not remotely as interesting or rewarding as V1’s Bounty Board on which you knew exactly what you were working towards (specific items, crafting mats, temp. buffs) instead of another RNG loot box.


There’s no fancy pop up, just some free Commendation Chests - it was easy to miss. We’ll try to add a pop up in the future.


On the one hand lies dozens if not hundreds of bugs that would take thousands of hours to fix, on the other hand a very simple fix, called bad luck protection, that will take a couple dozen of hours to implement. Which one should be done first?


I’m not talking about every bug, that might ever exist in this game. But maybe just bugs like phantom swings on dual daggers, silent patrols, etc.
Frequently happening bugs, that make you loose the game, without you being able to do anything about it.
Then you can add some way to consistently get hats as far as I’m concerned.

How does implementing bad luck protection interfere with fixing bugs?


These Devs have been working hard, at least that’s how it seems to me. Not everything is perfect, but I think the game is coming along nicely. These last few updates have been great. Thank you and keep up the good work.


I think you’re missing part of the point. Not only is this is a kick in the teeth to everyone who has put in hundreds and hundreds of hours in this game already, there’s also a pretty salient point about this game being buggy as hell. Those who have played this game through release, been through all the problems, the massive 1.05 blunder, and on and on and on.

Christ, you’re still fixing talents not working on client! Like, just, the most basic functionality!

In short, not only to make up for those of us who have wasted anywhere from 200 to 1000 hours on chests with almost zero chance, but also to build some goodwill for having suffered through the incredibly rocky release of your product - would it be prudent to provide free commendation chests.

Now, I don’t care how you do it. If searching your database is like so hard, and stuff, then just give everyone the same number of chests. At least 150 to match the easy earlygame chests you get from leveling up.

It’s actually pretty astounding that the community has to tell you that you done f*cked up and that providing some goodwill might be a good idea.

It’s like…just…the very basic of costumer service, and is very, very common in games. Pretty common outside of games too, when anything from a corner store to a massive chain has done something that effects their public image that they need to rectify.

Except in your case, it wouldn’t even cost you anything. Sure it might cost one or two manhours to implement, but there’s no physical cost. You’re not giving away/discounting product.

As for this part specifically…when you dramatically change droprates, there’s certainly an argument to be made to compensate players who might have spent countless hours on much lower droprates, with no indication that droprates would increase. Especially when the game has had a less than stellar release, with the first months up until this point has been nothing but a scramble to bugfix.

Call it compensation for changed droprates. Call it goodwill gift for sticking with the game through a rocky release.

Call it whatever you want.

Just for the love of sigmar please realize how you’re pissing off and alienating everyone who has spent countless hours in this game.


Indeed, the latest patch moved the game in the right direction, and even though it also brought some instability, and there’s still balance issues, it’s not something that could not be fixed.

Literally every patch comments in a nutshell. :joy: :+1:

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