[PC-Steam]Crash launching game

I received a 'game security violation detected ’ after I exit the game,then I have never been able to launch the game after that.
and I got that error code and crash.
I had this EAC error in APEX too lately but it never botherd to play.
Yet I’m sure there is nothing here should cause this problem, keyboard lighting system is turned off but still unable to launch the game without crashing.
but funny thing is I can launch the game normally if I chose Modded server.
Win10 was up to date as well as the Nvidia drive.
But I did moved my steam library to another harddisc if that matters.
Other than that, I’ve no idea what may about it.
Any help?

GUID: 0dc4570f-b150-4b49-b9ba-326ddc231321
Log File:
Info Type:

Could this be related ?

Please try repairing Easy Anti-Cheat using the EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable located in the Vermintide 2 ‘installers’ directory. The path to this directory on your PC will be similar to this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\installers\EasyAntiCheat

This was done and it doesn’t work,I also verified the local game,said 1 invalid file and fixed but still crashing.
And yes I noticed that I too have no EAC loading bar when I see the Vermintide2 loading brand just as the ticket Saryk reposted.
I’ll try reinstall the game tomorrow.

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I’m not running Win7 though,but still I’ll try reinstall the game after. thanks for the tip.

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Reinstalled the game,and it’s alright now.
Thx for your help.

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And why doesn’t the game want to install properly on our PCs the first time? xD

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