[PC] Patch Notes

I appreciate its frustrating, but we have to hotfix when the need arises. If we waited for everyone to be finished with a download, we’d never be able to patch the game :frowning:


Just stagger the hotfix for 24 hrs, so you can give us a grace period. While I understand the need to play smoothly, many people have slow connections and they cannot afford to pass days to try to download the update.

for every person that has a slow connection there’s another who has a decent one.
Should that person with good connection have to wait 24 hours when it crashes on start up?
I agree it sucks, but on day 1 release it kinda needs to work for the people actually playing it.


Shade Cloak of Mist is bugged now, please fix

Any update on the morning fix that should make the game playable on w7?

Sadly it has caused a new problem that has blocked the patch from going live. Work continues to rebuild and test. Sorry for the trouble here.



  • Fixed a start-up crash experienced by users on Windows 7

Don’t worry. I’ve already downloaded the patch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway thx for reducing the required HD space by 20 GBs

What I definitely liked: Improved “Controller Menu Layout” - the UI that I use despite playing on a PC with a mouse and keyboard.

  • The ESC key now opens the maine menu, not the inventory. Although the camera twitches strangely at the same time …

  • Finally, buttons (for selecting one color items in the salvage menu) have been added to the crafting menu, as has been done long ago in old PC UI. Finally shows the correct number of resources over a thousand.

I hope they don’t stop there. Thanks for work!

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  • Grail Knights can no longer spam their activated ability by block canceling 2 hit combo.
  • Engineer’s ‘Leading Shots’ is now consumed when using the Trollhammer Torpedo at 4 stacks.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed ‘Rotten Miasma’ not working correctly for clients.
  • Chaos Wastes - Getting multiple stacks of ‘Djaf’s Reaping’ no longer makes the buff shake and go back and forth on the bottom of the screen.
  • Chaos Wastes - ‘Myrmidia’s Great Leveller’ should now refresh correctly whilst it is active.
  • Chaos Wastes - Reworked ‘Manann’s Tempest’ deal damage equal to the attack that triggered it.

Designer Note: "The current flat damage calculation it has scales a bit too well with fast hitting weapons while hard hitting and slow weapons have little chance to shine with the boon. This change aims to even out the use cases of this boon between the two types. "

  • Fixed various crashes.

Very nice change :+1:

I also really liked the “normal” damage numbers on the training dummies. I saw this in reviews on YouTube, I thought it was a mod - and how nice it would be to transfer it to a legal game.

And it’s done, thank you.


Does anyone still approve the mode in Fatshark? We are making a Korean translation mode now, but we are afraid that we will not get approval.

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  • Fixed an issue with Kerillian’s new Premium Cosmetics in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders

A Druchii cosmetic… let it burn in the sacred flames of Asuryan for what I care.

Whilst we are currently on a sanction hiatus, it’s not impossible for mods to be approved. I can’t promise a localisation mod would be, there is a lot of nuance to how mod approvals work. I can ask internally what that might look like. For language packs, we can’t always be sure of the content (as we’re not Korean speakers) so it might be tricky.

Love the new outfits!
Any idea when we might see some fancy stuff for the remaining careers?

I hope they keep releasing them over the weekend. I don’t want to wait three days for new stuff :sweat_smile:

The other careers aren’t ready yet ;D These were going to be dripped in over time but we brought them forward due to, well, loads of you wanted to see them all right away. So you’re going to have to wait some time for the others to finish moving through the pipeline.



  • Fixed numerous, various crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could buy Premium cosmetics from Lohner’s Emporium more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where owned Premium cosmetics were not labelled as ‘Owned’ in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.
  • Bots should now use the ranged weapons in the Forgotten Relics DLC pack.
  • Trollhammer Torpedo should now deal damage to the Beastman Banner.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed Victor sometimes using Kruber voice lines when a positive curse effect happens.
  • Chaos Wastes - Weapon properties: Removed Stamina properties from all ranged weapons.
  • Chaos Wastes - Weapon properties: Added Power vs Unarmoured/Large/Armoured/Frenzy properties to all ranged weapons.
  • Chaos Wastes - Add a warning when attempting to quit out of an Expedition.
  • Chaos Wastes - Crystal Eggs should no longer spawn right beside players.
  • Chaos Wastes - Potion of Prophetic Strike and the trait duration improved Potion of Prophetic Strike now have the correct durations (previously this was inverted).
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed an exploit possible due to Host Migration behaviour.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed lobby data for host migrated lobbies to now show up properly in the lobby browser.
  • Chaos Wastes - Rotten Miasma Relic should now deal damage to the Beastman Banner.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed an issue where the Blood Tornados could pass through event gates.
  • Chaos Wastes - Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine - Fixed a spot where rescued players could get picked up and drop out of the play area.
  • Chaos Wastes - Citadel of Eternity - Fixed so that players can’t use teleport abilities to skip through the gate and trigger the final interactable.
  • Chaos Wastes - Citadel of Eternity - Added a failsafe to the end event so on the rare occasion it fails to proceed it will time out and allow players to continue.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Fixed a killbox that was misplaced causing players to heartattack.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Fixed a spot where bots could get stuck.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Fixed a spot where enemies would spawn in a kill box and be killed without player intervention.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Fixed a spot where players could respawn for rescue underneath the terrain.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Fixed an out of bounds spot.
  • Chaos Wastes - Count Mordrek’s Fortress - Made some performance optimisations.
  • Chaos Wastes - Holseher’s Tower - Made some performance optimisations.
  • Chaos Wastes - Holseher’s Tower - Fixed a tower wall that was missing collision.
  • Chaos Wastes - Pit of Reflections - Fixed a spot where players could get stuck.
  • Chaos Wastes - Slaughter Bay - Fixed some erroneous invisible walls.
  • Chaos Wastes - Slaughter Bay - Fixed cases where an objective could trigger multiple times at once.

Known Issue : Holseher’s Tower can still have missing bits and pieces for clients who hotjoin, we’ll have a fix for this soon!

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