[PC] Patch Notes

Thanks for all the fixes! I wish this could draw players to CW more.

Mind if I ask for headsup on how Shade ult fix is going?

What is wrong with Shade ult?

Regarding Shade, several things got broken with 4.3.


Awesome, I thought of making this suggestion. I see you’ve been reading my mind.


05 May 2021

  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.
  • Fixed some issues where Skaven spawners weren’t functioning as expected.
  • Blueprint illusions for Forgotten Relic weapons should now be named correctly.
  • Made Blessing of Isha trigger when an assassin, Life Leach or Packmaster grabs the last player
  • Allowed Shade to gain critbuff from ult even when hidden from stealth on backstabs.
  • Engineer procing extra shot will no longer consume extra ability power.
  • Mask of the Shadow-Slayer hood now shows Kerillian’s neck as expected, instead of a void.
  • Naggarond Backstabber no longer has a green emissive on certain settings.
  • Re-introduced the Winds of Magic soundtrack for players playing Weaves.
  • Chaos Wastes - Engineer procing extra shot will no longer consume extra ability power.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed talent boons not being granted properly in map shrines.
  • Chaos Wastes - It’s now possible to rebind the Chaos Wastes inventory key. (via ‘Menus’ → ‘Inventory Hotkey’)
  • Chaos Wastes - Bardin’s Cog Hammer now benefits from being eligible for the correct traits in the Chaos Wastes.
  • Chaos Wastes - Reduced bot damage to 30% for the Bolt of Change to avoid bots getting killed too easily.
  • Chaos Wastes - Made Blessing of Isha trigger when an assassin, Life Leach or Packmaster grabs the last player.
  • Chaos Wastes - Sorcerors will no longer spawn in Khorne arena events.
  • Chaos Wastes - Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine - Fixed some floating items and stuck enemy/bot spots and some spots where players could get stuck.
  • Chaos Wastes - Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine - Fixed an issue where the end event could be considered finished before being truly finished.
  • Chaos Wastes - Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine - Added a fail safe to avoid softlocking the events incase a player disconnects whilst holding an event barrel. If such happens, a new barrel will spawn in after a period of time.
  • Chaos Wastes - Holseher’sTower - Fixed various performance/vista issues.
  • Chaos Wastes - Holseher’sTower - Fixed some squiffy hang ledges, out of bounds areas, floating items and stuck enemy/bot spots.
  • Chaos Wastes - Arena of Determination - Fixed various performance/vista issues.
  • Adventure - Old Haunts - Fixed an issue where players further in the map would spawn back at the Church.
  • Adventure - Old Haunts - Fixed an spot where bots would refuse to help a downed player.
  • Adventure - Old Haunts - Fixed an spot where enemies could climb through floor gate before it had opened.
  • Adventure - Old Haunts - Fixed an spot where players could get stuck.

Lore FTW


Yea, that was quite a tedious bug and caused a lot of confusion. Good to see it fixed.


Still can’t get guaranteed crit attack under stealth no matter backstab or not. Am I misunderstood the fix?

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We’re looking in to it, weird one, worked in testing!

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As I understand this should fix not getting guaranteed crits if you were invisible before striking (from Vanish for example)?
But what about Infiltrate not providing guaranteed crit on the initial cast?
It worked before Chaos Wastes update and now it doesn’t.
And there was nothing about it in the changelogs of Chaos Wastes.
Was this an intentional nerf or something that will be fixed?

Was there an intended to nerf “Cloak of Pain” by removing the crit on the second instance of stealth that comes along after you drop the big damage hit in the first one? Or is that also a bug?

Not even this is working from my testing.

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Please tell me, after the last hotfix, has Hats drop been canceled in Commendation Chests?
Usually it dropped out much more often than red items, but today I opened quite a lot of chests - two red items dropped out and there are no Hats.

Uh, actually if this was true, than it was quite the lucky bias. Hat drop has always been much much lower than reds. at 2k+ hours into the game, i’ve seen hundreds of reds, and i’ve seen 14 hats.

Unless you mean reds from commendation chests specifically, in which case you might be right, they have a very low chance to be there. But opening a lot of commendation chests without getting any hat is no surprise.

We’ve not touched loot box rates in years :slight_smile:

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Yea, his comment was specifically about CC.

And from my side it also looks like hats are more common than reds in those. From different batches of opening 100 CC, I got about 3-5 hats and about 1-2 reds from them.

I have - I think - 370 CC currently so I could do a test on it, although it is not enough to be statistical relevant. Also would lead to more double cosmetics (which we still can’t sell for Shillings).

According to a spreadsheet where some people supposedly opened a couple of thousand chests and recorded the results, Commendation Chests have a ~1,25% chance to drop a red and a ~2,15% chance to drop a cosmetic.

And since we are in RNG territory it is therefore extremely possible to go looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong stretches without one or even either. I’ve personally not seen a hat in the last couple of months but got at least three reds.

So what about dupes hats from commendation chests?

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What’s the question?

I would say that Perteks’ question refers to the fact that “for years” there has been the problem that cosmetic hats can be looted multiple times from boxes, while unfortunately you can’t get rid of the copies and the statement

seems to indicate that this problem has not been taken care of in any way…
I guess the real question is: do you even care about this problem?

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