[PC] Patch Notes

'bout 11 AM CEST


When could we buy the Forgotten Relics DLC?

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'bout the same time <3

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The premium cosmetics at the same time too?

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No, those will be coming after release, we don’t want to slam the game with a bunch of paid bits. First the Forgotten Relics and then roll out cosmetics afterwards - again those wont all come at once and will be staggered.


If the cosmetics will be staggered, is there somewhere we can at least preview them? Or will we just have to wait for them to release later to see what they are.

The plan is to show them off a couple of days prior to their respective release! If folks harass us enough, we might open the lid sooner, or change that approach.


When could we buy the Forgotten Relics DLC?

Dear @Fatshark_Hedge My personal request: add “Forgotten Relics” DLC into the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Content Bundle.

Right away, please! It will be useful!

Thank you!


So many bugfixes :fireworks::sparkler::fireworks:

Now it´s just a waiting game until chaos sends a hundred more with the update.

So, I take it, you don’t want to implement the option to hard reset the computer instead of host migration? (I would prefer that one.)

I mean, seriously, is there anyone who is happy with having host migration time waste?

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Aight, this reply got me good.

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I noticed that the third weapon skin for each Forgotten Relic has that same “pale-orange” glow the Winds of Magic weapons have.

I wonder whether this means we will finally get these long requested weave-forged skins.

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Personally, I like purple illusions. I would like to have it for all weapons in the game. :grapes:

Purple skins for all characters would be really nice too. :snail:

Personally, I really like the bugs. Somehow, I just don’t think it would have felt the same if the game hadn’t crashed on me so many times when attempting to launch the expedition. I will blame this on COVID, since normally I would not be working from home and I would probably start the game with the announced hotfix.

OTOH, I certainly hope you will remove that unjustified Okri’s challenge.
OTOH, loading between the upper and lower parts of the keep?

We just got a patch/hotfix just now, could you tell us what it is @Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia ?

not a W7 fix that’s for sure


  • Fixed double projectiles doubling overcharge cost but not taking double ammo.
  • Armorbreaker and shockwave now works on clients.
  • Fixed an issue where Engineer’s in Chaos Wastes could crash when transitioning levels with additional bombs.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pinginging enemies affected by corrupted flesh.
  • Fixed modded realm not working correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by the Difficulty not being set under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash players would experience trying to Quickplay in to the Chaos Wastes mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nurgle Chaos Wastes challenge would be insta-flagged as complete for players in Okri’s Challenges.
  • Fixed crash when host uses the scoreboard mod, but the client doesn’t.

Many thanks for having me wasting 8 hrs of download . Now I must start the process again.

A bit of an explaination:
if you patch the game the version changes.
If you are still downloading because you have a slow connection and/or the size is big and you need to pause the download, when you resume it Steam recognizes the different version and make you start it from the beginning, effectively wasting the time already spent.

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