Patch #5


Here are the patch notes for patch #5 that just went live on Steam, and will be available shortly on Microsoft Store.

New & Updated Features

We added a small notification for when Strike Team members pick up Plasteel or Diamantine during gameplay. A chime will play, and an onscreen message will show who picked up the resource and what it was.

The total collected resources during the mission will be visible in the Tactical Overlay (Default keymap: Tab).



  • Feat: Payback Time
    • “When an enemy damages you, gain 20% damage against enemies of the same type for 5s.” has been changed to “When an enemy damages you with a melee attack, gain +20% damage for 5s”
  • Feat: Lead the Charge
    • Now also grants Stun Immunity and Suppression Immunity to allies for the duration of the buff.


  • Feat: Warp Unleashed
    • Damage Bonus increased: from 5-15% to 10-25%.
  • Feat: Wrack and Ruin
    • Increased stacks of Soulblaze applied as well as the radius: Stacks: 2 → 3 Radius: 3 meters → 4 meters.


  • Fixed issue where Preacher’s “Until Death” Passive could activate when at 1 health even when the Preacher didn’t take damage.


  • Lorenz Mk V Kickback - Expandable
    • Melee Power Bonus now also affects your regular melee weapon, not just the Special Action melee attack. The bonus values have been tuned down to account for this, and the duration has been lowered slightly (4s → 3.5s).

Dev note -’This should make the blessing much more useful and fill a similar role as the human Stub Revolver Point Blank Blessing.’

  • Flamer - Quickflame
    Increased reload speed bonus gained from the Blessing “Quickflame” on all tiers:
    • Tier 1: 5% → 18%
    • Tier 2: 7.5% → 20%
    • Tier 3: 10% → 22%
    • Tier 4: 12.5% → 24%

Dev note - ‘This change was to bring “Quickflame” in line with the other blessings. We have our eyes on the Flamer, as it might be a little strong, and we are considering some changes in an upcoming patch’.

  • “Savage Sweep” Blessing

    • Fixed a bug where the Munitorum Mk III Power Sword didn’t show the correct values in the description text
    • Fixed an issue where the Tier 4 Blessing didn’t give players 50% as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blessing “Thrust” would not give out the maximum bonus on various weapons.

  • Fixed hit marker for the blessing “Haymaker.”


  • Fixed a visual effect bug for Helbore Lasguns that occurred when switching to a grenade while charging a shot.
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn’t switch to the Grenade Box when using the Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet due to missing chain actions.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong stat name was shown on the Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun.
  • Fixed a bug where Bull Butcher Mk III Cleaver and human Combat Axes dealt incorrect damage vs Maniac on some light attacks.
  • Fixed a bug on Catachan Mk III Combat Blade where the push follow-up attack could be canceled by other attacks.
  • Fixed a bug on Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe that caused an unwanted delay on heavy attacks if you combo into them from a push follow-up attack.
  • Fixed an issue from 1.0.30 that made it impossible to manually turn off revved Eviscerators and Chainaxes.

Item Acquisition

  • Emperor’s Gift for Heresy and Damnation missions will now see an increase in the Sanctity (rarity) of the item gifted. At Level 30, players who play at Heresy will no longer see a Redeemed (green) item. This applies to Weapons and Curios.
  • For characters at level 30, you will no longer see a weapon with a base rating of under 300 from the Armoury Exchange, Sire Melk’s Requisitorium, or through the Emperor’s Gift.

Shrine of the Omnissiah

  • Lowered the amount of Plasteel required to consecrate to Transcendent Sanctity in the Shrine. At the maximum item rating of 380, 700 Plasteel is now required (previously 800). Note that the item rating cost scaling will still apply for lower ratings.
  • The cost of shrine actions (Consecrate, Re-Bless) now have the order of ‘Plasteel, Diamantine’ to follow the consistency of the ordering in your acquired total currencies.
  • When you do not have enough Diamantine or Plasteel to perform the selected action in the shrine, the cost will now be shaded red.
  • After proceeding with an action in the shrine, the item list will scroll back to the last selected item that was acted upon.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Improved quality of several localized texts.
  • Resolved a few miscellaneous typos found in some texts throughout the game.
  • Further improved clarity on some items through their texts.
  • The sorting of your loadout inventory will no longer show you items that have been bartered and are no longer available.
  • Added missing text for the Private Mode functionality in the mission board.
  • Made changes to the emote wheel to resolve issues in selecting an emote to animate with. It was difficult to navigate with a mouse when moving between the gaps.
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong weapon skin or trinket would sometimes be shown on the preview in the weapon card/list entry after it had been changed.
  • The “locked by Trust Level” text within Brunt’s Armoury has been brought forward in layers; it was previously behind the texture, making the text hard to read.


  • Resolved a crash surrounding the inspection of cosmetic items inside the Armoury Exchange or Commodore’s Vestures.
  • Isolated and resolved a case of a rare crash that would occur when switching between Loadout/Cosmetic/Feats views.
  • Resolved a crash that was caused by changing portrait frames via loadouts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server and/or client crash by successfully dodging 16 attacks in a row.
  • Optimized network data when creating liquid effects such as Grenadier/Flamer fire, Beast of Nurgle slime, or fire barrels.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when attacking a large number of enemies in a short amount of time.

a bit dissapointed.
almost no balance changes?
no content?
QoL is neat but entire patch only for QoL and bugfixes hmmm


i am very happy with all of these choices. in future please continue to follow the “nerf the flamer by promising to nerf the flamer in the patch notes, buff the flamer” strategy, as it makes me happy.

  • For characters at level 30, you will no longer see a weapon with a base rating of under 300 from the Armoury Exchange, Sire Melk’s Requisitorium, or through the Emperor’s Gift.

this should be AT LEAST 350, not 300.



Why don’t you want to fix rashad axe?
Please then, transform all rashad axes in antax and remove it from the game…

And a buff of the flamer? Did you read the forum or even the zealot discord?
Miss yet some balance modifications (revolver shotgun vs bolter by example). Too few weapons used at high difficulties… Bolter, flamer, mg xii… That’s boring

Other than that, several welcomed features…


Why keep buffing the flamer? Zealot is perhaps my favourite class but the flamer is so broken and OP compared to all other weapons in the game.


The sewage tank that is the item system still stinks to high heaven.


Why there is no resource and contracts sharing?


yeah we knew this was gonna be theres a content patch later this month (planned) from the comm link article:


well crisis averted <.<

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the next line says…


Thank you for fixing this. It was SO annoying when I would spam my keybind and it wouldn’t switch.

They did. They fixed it dealing too much damage :upside_down_face:

Coming from an Ogryn with way too many hours and all the Damnation stuff done:

Next week we will release a small patch including small Psyker and Ogryn buffs, bug fixes, and some crash resolutions.

I hate to be cynical but this is a straight nerf to most Ogryn. Bull Butcher Cleaver is comfortably the meta and while the other off-meta weapons are fun they are broadly considered worse than the BB cleaver.

The damage nerf “bug fix” to maniac is significant and this makes the best Ogryn combinations flat out worse.

Please reconsider this change and/or give off-meta weapons (Shovel, Shield, etc.) a buff so they can be more competitive.

If not, please don’t buff us again, I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Kind of a nothing patch all in all TBH. Kinda weird you looked at all the weapons and decided flamer was the one with blessings not in line with each other.

Please abandon trying to make wrack and ruin appealing through number tweaks. There are enough soulblaze feats. Psyker would love something to replace it that synergises with the large number of non force weapons at their disposal. Just give us a gun feat instead of W&R. It’s the perfect tier for it.

Other QoL stuff looks alright. I hope balancing patches don’t peter out from here on. Lots of stuff still needs tweaking up or down. The new Ogryn feat also seems kinda questionable. Just another flavour of bonus damage option for that row, and one I struggle to see competing with the other two. I dunno, I’m glad patches are happening more regularly now but this one ain’t it.


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Hoped to see the ogryn"buffs" from previous patch been reverted. Every scab shooter still staggers me to a complete halt or pushes me around like a tiny reaper.
Hoped for a buff for ogryns charge to become stun immune (i.e. bomber grenades) and more resistant or immune to gunshots.


I don’t think this is enough to offer alternatives to the psykers optimal builds atm, but a step in the right direction.


I know alot of people aren’t happy with the state the game is in and I’m def one of them.

But I think it’s positive, that they atleast communicate in form of weekly comm links and inform us about every little patch. The mess they released will obviously take alot of time to fix and to make worthwhile.


I feel like Wrack and Ruin is suppose to be THE gun perk, so long as you mix it with Kinetic Flayer and proc BBs off of your gun damage.
So they probably think they are buffing gun psykers at the moment?

Something that would’ve been nice with Psyker would be if they changed the whole 1 melee 1 ranged choice.
As I feel a psyker could better use a Staff and a Gun mix if they could, i know i would. Would be nice if Staves simply could be used in any slot.

trauma staff is a pile of crap, that would be a good choice as a Melee choice instead, with a block-like effect when the staff is charging

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