Patch #8 Notes


Here are the patch notes for Patch #8 which is live now on Steam and will be available shortly on the Microsoft Store.


  • Raising Soulblaze’s damage vs. flak armour to 150% (was previously 100%).

Dev Note: “We have now separated the burning DoT and Soublaze DoT armour modifiers to enable this change.”

  • Increasing the Psyker’s “Wrack and Ruin” Feat number of Soulblaze stacks from 3 to 4.


  • Tweaked the hit zone priority for Rashad Mk II Combat Axe.

  • M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun:

    • Venting damage is now absorbed by toughness at a 3x rate.

    • M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun now ignores hit zone multipliers for anything that is not a monstrosity.

Dev Note: “This means that the M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun can now damage Bulwarks through their shield, and body shots on enemies will not be able to be blocked by their limbs.”


  • Added lag compensation to Pox Hound pounce attack to make it easier for players with higher ping to dodge their attacks.

  • Reduced the pause between spawns of other enemies while Pox Hounds from the Hunting Grounds condition are active on higher difficulties.

Dev Note: “Specialists and Horde spawns are no longer paused on Heresy/Damnation difficulty, resulting in a higher possibility of a mixture of spawns when a hunting grounds event is active. The intent is to provide a wider range of challenges on higher difficulties instead of forcing the same behavior every time we spawn Hunting Grounds Pox Hounds.”

  • Reduced melee stagger resistance on Poxbursters during their lunge animations so that melee attacks can stagger Poxbursters more reliably.

  • Tweaked Poxbursters so that they reset their stagger immune time when they lunge at players.

Dev Note: “This should fix cases where Poxbursters sometimes ignored staggers when another player shot at it just before it entered its lunge animation.”

  • Changes to Mutants:
    • Tweaked the Mutant charge turn values in order to avoid instant turns

    • Tuned Mutant navigation to be a bit smoother

    • Tuned Mutant rotation speed to be a bit slower, allowing for easier dodging

    • Increased Mutant stun time when hitting walls from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds

Other Fixes and Tweaks

  • Implemented changes to the vote kick system:

    • This will now display as a notification instead of a pop-up

    • Added measures to counter players’ ability to spam vote kick.

  • Added full toughness recovery when players get revived from being knocked down in order for the rescued player to have some space to get back into the action.

  • Added a 5-second spawn grace when players spawn, where enemies can’t see them, and they’re invincible.

Dev Note: “This was added to make it less jarring to join an ongoing game and immediately get downed by enemies without giving the player time to react to the situation.”


This patch is not real. It is a figment of your mind.

Also damn, Soulblaze got a boost. Nice. :3
That full toughness recovery on being revived is extremely generous, maybe a bit too much so. It will make things certainly easier.


Good stuff across the board.
Much appreciated.

Hope the hound and poxburster changes are enough to fix the problems in practice.

Now that these problems are (hopefully) solved, please improve crafting next. :smiley:

  • weapon modifier upgrades
  • perk selection from a list, instead of randomly rolling
  • option to remove perk and blessing locks
  • option to buy the unlock of specific blessings without RNG

does puragtus do soulblaze of fire damage? is this gonna mean even more psykker bukkake blinding us and giving such good cover to all ranged enemies?

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Wait wasn’t the Poxburster tweak in the previous patch already?

Like all other psyker exclusive burn thingies, the Purgatus Staff applies Soulblaze (which is why it synergizes well with the Ascendant Blaze feat).

Soulblaze dmg vs flak got proxy nerfed in the update that was supposed to target the zealot flamer.
This “buff” to soulblaze is simply a return to the midway point between where it was before vs after the nerf in Patch #7.

I did not see a noticeable decrease in use of the staff after the nerf, so now i do not expect a noticeable increase in use either.

no but it was mentioned in the latest comm-link

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While the Wrack And Ruin buff is nice for hitting breakpoints on horde, I doubt this would be enough to make it compete with Warp Unleashed and Inner Tranquility. It needs a significant radius increase as well.

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Time to dust off my plasma gun


The age of the Rashad has come.

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You say that like it wasn’t already in a very strong place. :smiley:

Thank you for the… Rashad :+1:

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Why haven’t you guys already created five youtube reviews of the Rashad that I can enjoy while I’m stuck at work? I am deeply dissappointed, fellow forumites.

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Yeah all actual content has been pushed into May.

Re-reading the previous update, I just spotted that in there

I’m okay with this, as long as it is GOODEST PATCH.


I am, also, at work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This right here, now that’s a quality of life change, instead quality of death if downed teammate was swarmed or was about to. :smiley: .

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I do all my forum reading at work :sunglasses:



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