Patch 1.1 Crash

My games crashed 2 times in 10 min due to some backend error.
I cant really tell what caused it but on the first i was rapidly melting all the items i got from the many commendation chests through the challenges. On the other crash i was rerolling weapon properties. Sadly that all i can say.

And again. “Backend rejected the challenge response” on the first property reroll after launching the game.
And again. Something is clearly broken with crafting.



I crash 2 times a minute on average.

I think the sped up crafting animation is causing it. Backend cant keep up or something.

That being said, im also crashing. 1-2 times during challenge chest claiming, 1-2 during chest opening, 2-3 during item smelting, and then every few re-rolls of properties.

I am crashing on load up. I can’t even access the game. I crash on loading up the Keep.

GUID: a7dac0cb-4924-4a82-b6a3-424b4afba1ef
Log File:
Info Type:

[Engine Error]: Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 9f234395c596
accessing address 0000000000000009 from 0000000140574730

Constant crashing while salvaging/opening chests or rerolling items.

Same, 2 crashed in less than 10 mins. Hopefully only happens with crafting and not in game.

Is this 1342 error still happening for you guys?


CTD when a friend joined my lobby while I was opening chests. Wasn’t queued for quickplay or anything

Yeah last played about 10 minutes ago, happened 5 times in 5 minutes

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I just opened 20 chest’s in a row and didn’t get a crash.

Salvaging has the highest chance to crash

crafting and rerolling makes me crash quite often

YEP, crashed just now. 1342 error when opening a chest.

Im getting a different kind of backend error when crafting though, havent seen the 1342 yet. But its only been 20 minutes so hehe

Hm. Got my first crash today after claiming my 25th chest from the challenge-board. The first crash since the patch.

Yeah, 1342 error and another one like back-end @Fatshark_Hedge

Just had mission lost due to host lost connection with steam, but steam was doing fine (on host computer)

still happening, when opening chests

A backend error (didn’t pay attention to the code, sorry) and a similar “Backend rejected the challenge response”, both in the last 20 mins or so, while crafting. The rejection came while salvaging, the regular error on rerolling Properties.