Recent Backend Errors & Outages

Last night - at around midnight CEST, for a few hours, our backend provider suffered a series of outages which negatively impacted our players. This resulted in a lot of you getting error 1110, and 1113.

We are currently working on a fix for the issues you are seeing with error 1342 - which are still an issue since 1.1.0.

This fix is planned to be released next week.

Our apologies for the trouble in the mean time.

Might I suggest giving players some Emp Vaults and Commendation Chests for their troubles and to compensate for the downtime, crashes, and the runs/clears that were lost due to this ongoing issue? This would show solidarity with your customers and be an important step towards fostering an environment of better trust and more appropriate player respect/appreciation, particularly in regards to their time as people.


That would be nice

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I’d rather they cut the crap and just gave us a few reds for each character of which we don’t have 20 duplicates of already or a few cosmetics for each character. Don’t just give me 50 boxes that contain 98% rubbish I’ll just have to salvage


Ima hoarder, so I will be satisfied if they just implement a crafting system at this point.

I am still hoarding, cause it’s still unclear whether FS is going to make a no duplicate system, or crafting system.

Crashing with backend 1127 now? I was playing this morning too, which should have been well after the outages.

Every other mission I play crashes and doesn’t let me rejoin with a backend error… then I can’t restart the game either.

Was extracting illusions, game crashed, now I’m getting 1127 at starting the game for the 10 time in a row… :frowning:

I m getting 1127 too. I played yesterday without any problems

It seems Steam is encountering trouble right now, we’ll report back when we know more.


Ditto , backend error 1127 with and without vpn.

Game is up again

Looks like things are indeed creeping back online.

I’ve just got a “Backend rejected challenge response” during crafting.

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