Played the game, Steam went down, got Backend Error 1127 and Sign-In Timeouts now

Me (EU) was playing a couple games with a friend (US) just 20 minutes ago. Then Steam went down several times and after it came back online, the Backend-Error attack started for both of us, so i guess it’s a global problem.

Somethings going on with steam can’t even access forums or store.

Seems to be working again now.

After steam was back up, i launched my game, got all my bogenhafen illusions removed, restarted my game, got all my bogenhafen skins back, then my game crashed, and now i get 1127 backend errors :frowning:

Yeah just logged in, received the notification for the pig hat (which I purchased two days ago) then my melee weapons on every character were deleted.
I submitted a ticket and continuously opened and closed the game… seems to be resolved now.

As CopperBack1 said I also can’t access Steam forums.

Steam is very broken, although you may be able to launch Vermintide 2 it’s likely to be an unstable experience - would advise holding off for an hour or so.

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Played again for an hour or so after it was working again, but now after restarting the game, the backend error is back. There was also a backend error 1287 popping up once, while i was just standing in the keep.

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