"Server Error: A third-party provider returned an error to the backend service. : 1127"

What is this?

Anyway, I can’t play the game because of this. It suddenly happened today. The game worked well on my PC just few days ago.

Can anyone help me?

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I just started getting it within the last 30 minutes. I’m assuming there’s something going on that they will sort out.
Not too concerned but something to keep an eye on.

Found out the “why?” https://downdetector.co.uk/status/steam/

The Steam is down, AGAIN.

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I wasn’t able to check at the time you posted that but I can get in the game now so all is well.

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Same here.

i am having the same issue, anyone solved the problem yet?

This should no longer be an issue. If anybody else is still experiencing this, restart the Steam client and consider performing a DNS Flush.

It’s Steam being Steam.

Even if it’s not Tuesday Steam maintenance day.

If it happens again, just wait 10min and restart Steam client.

pls help me

Try re-launching Vermintide 2 please @tigtot. I believe this error is occasionally shown to new players.

i try how many times…EROR?

Could you send me the URL to your Steam profile please @tigtot?

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