I need helps.. Server error BackEnd Error

I just purchased vermintide 2 and get the following error when attempting to start the game:

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
And It’s my profile and console logs.

My Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048529802/

console log :
console-2020-05-20-06.29.51-446e07c2-59df-4422-8f31-9284424a9dbc.log (45.8 KB) console-2020-05-20-06.31.04-7dcc594f-c420-4341-8efc-a9eb3a94a71c.log (36.6 KB) console-2020-05-20-06.37.55-1e067711-5bd0-41c4-b946-224442cddc32.log (45.7 KB)

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We think we’ve resolved this, could you try again now please?


OMG… How did you do it!? It’s working!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

i’m getting the same error. Please help me please

here is my steam url if needed: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gaymertommmie/

and console logs:

console-2020-05-24-01.55.10-b0cde877-ba1d-4033-b37d-d3bb55a31ac5.log (64.0 KB)

Seems to be okay now, is that right @tommiecookie?

Getting backend 1110 all the time now. Tried verifying game files through steam with no luck.

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Me too

Same here Backend Error 1110

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I’m having this exact error as well. Tried both the modded and official realm both with and without mods. Neither is working.

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Same I just get

Backend Error: 1110

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Backend Error: 1110
Time to send the Gremlins to work

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Seems to be an issue on Steam’s end. At least that’s what i’m told on Discord

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I have same error. PC

everyone in Steam has the same error


Now it’s backend error 1127

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Working again :slightly_smiling_face:

i just getting same problem backend error :1110

I Started getting backend error 1110 today as well, and haven’t been able to log in since earlier this afternoon.

Can confirm, Backend error : 1110 :cold_face: :cold_face:

Same problem here. bought recently via steam and not managed to be able to play it yet

This does not seem to be a Steam issue since the game connectivity is working. Google suggests that 1110 is a Fatshark server error…because it is not at all uncommon.

Shame that the server went down on a holiday.