Backend error in vermintide 2

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Hello, after a long time I wanted to run the game but had this backend error after launchin.
my steam url:
and console-2020-02-27-07.25.54-f927a8df-9c72-4782-99b4-91b2b39d73e0.log (78.6 KB) console-2020-02-27-15.24.41-8e5599e2-82f3-4148-ad70-f36c9307b411.log (1.9 MB) console-2020-07-17-15.48.25-772327b3-f894-4a8a-beb2-afeb46a5a424.log (42.4 KB) console-2020-07-17-15.50.01-23dd40ac-32e2-4ef6-809f-ee28d6433fe8.log (48.9 KB) console-2020-07-17-16.26.07-cc3d8da0-6278-4fbc-8a57-cb0519761dd4.log (44.7 KB) my last five config_logs. Thanks in advance

Which country are you playing from @ffrostwolff?

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