Backend Error: 1287

Hello! I understand this problem has occurred for many people in the past. I’ve tried many of the fixes listed on these forums and elsewhere but I have not found a solution. I’ve verified integrity of steam files. I’ve tried repairing Easy Anti Cheat. I have changed my DNS. I’ve tried a VPN. I have even reinstalled Vermintide 2 and deleted the Fatshark folder located in appdata>roaming folders. Some additional context: I have over 200 hours on the game already and stopped playing about a year ago or so and I know there have been updates since then. I’ve tried to play a few times the last couple months but run into this error each time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

console-2022-06-11-08.18.19-8bb2465c-7aa1-499b-a09e-5e516edcdece.log (196.5 KB)

I’ve passed this on to our Backend Engineers and will report back to you soon!

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