Another Backend Error 1287 Topic

Hello, i’m unable to play the game due to this backend error, i get in the main hub then 2-6 seconds later i get the error. I will say that it has been nearly 2 years since i last played.
Things i’ve tried so far. Verifying integrity of cache, full reinstall, turning off family share, and opting in and out of the betas.
I am family sharing my library but that was just so i could play modded darksouls games online without getting my main account banned so there is no other Vermintide activity on my pc besides my main account.
Here’s my steam account since it seems to be requested rather often.

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you manage to get into the hub? then you should have logs
could help to find the reason.

win+R > %appdata%
Roaming>Fatshark>vermintide2>Console logs (find a log where it happend or reproduce one)

a crashlog from “Crash_dumps” folder might be also present and helpful

Sorry to hear this - I’ve sent this over to our Backend Engineers and hope to have an update for you soon.

Could you try now, please?

It’s been fixed, thank you for your help and have a nice day.

Forgot to send error log.
console-2022-05-01-14.01.29-e3f65953-3406-4f1e-a490-97138ac4241f.log (180.1 KB)

Hi there,

Having the same issue here. Just recently got the game, played for 20 minutes and now I cannot get on the game without the error popping up and closing it.

My steam is: Steam Community :: [BR1] Ghost

I have tried restarting, as well as verifying and still the error shows.

Thanks for your time.

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@KingGhostIII We’re looking in to this - I’ll PM you when I have an update for you.

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