Backend error 11100 or something

Pretty easy…every time I start up the game it states back end error. It happened after a game on bögenhafen and back in the keep I tried opening the vault I got. The vault opened but gave nothing but blanks, quickly after that the game crashed and closed itself. Now every attempt so far on trying to boot the game ended with the same message “back end error 11100”.

anyone experiencing this as well?

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Our backend provider had a bit of a hiccup - back up and running now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Sadly I recieved a few “Backend Errors” today. This results in crash to desktop without a crashlog. I get the opportunity to write a crashreport once in about 10 crashes. Hopefully there won’t be too many “hiccups”. Cheers.

Once again. Just now after finishin Athel Yunlui on Legend. That was on the victory screen but before the chest roll (vault in this case).

Might be steam issue. My steam client disconnected completely and after 3 min, game started running as normal.

Game uses steam servers now.

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