Backend error 1110 crash


So i was playing through festering ground yesterday and well…everything was more or less fine until we got right to the end. All 4 players had just stepped into the portal aaaand…i get a backend error 1110 just then.

Game promptly goes haywire, i get a error message telling me i must close the game while the other 3 get blackscreens, but ironically enough the chat was still working all the meanwhile. And in the background the little musical tune that plays when you finish a map was going on repeat.

Which is really reminiscent of the backend error 1121 or 1127 (not sure which it was) that i got in the Fort map where the team made it to the fort then i got hit with the backend error. I got the error message with a prompt to close the game and could not do anything else while everyone else was unaffected until i did close it all down.

Frequent crashes is not fun : (

Additionally when i then close the games i could instantly reboot them without any problem, minus losing pleasant company and loot that is, although the latter is honestly not something i personally care much about.

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