Since today Backend-Server-Error 1110

Strange, since the patch today I get the Backend-Server-Error 1110. How to fix that?

First I was able to start the game till the mission selection. Then I got the above error and the game closes.
After that, I’m no longer able to get into the game getting Back-End-Error 1110 all the time.


Same here

Un pote et moi avons celui là et l’autre à un 1110

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I let the file check from Steam running over the installation and it found one corrupted file. After fixing it that way the game works. Very odd that a small patch is corrupting a file.


It is Fatshark who returns from vacation with a nice gift for us by crashing the waiters certainly? After 3 months, they wanted to mark the occasion.

(It’s a joke eh? ^^ )

Made it to the shadow portal in my game, server error before rewards and haven’t been able to get back on since either

I confirm for myself too. Not bad the updates of 4MO

There was some backend downtime around the time of your post - we’re looking in to it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries, thank you in advance if you can solve the problem =)

Try checking the integrity of the game files. It solved the error for me

I was able to play today. If anyone gets this error please check the file integrity.

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