Server Error - Backend Error 1110 - Frequent as of late

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Hi FatShark developers, I’ve been encountering a weird “bug” or “issue” as of late. I can’t remember if it was since the 4.2 patch or the 4.2.1 patch specifically (as I have just come back from a long VT2 break).

I’ve been getting the “Server Error” box pop up frequently stating “Backend Error: 1110”, usually during, or at the end of a mission. I can complete a lot of missions usually before I see it, but if I had to take a guess … maybe 1 out of 10 or 15 missions I may see this, forcing me to quit and logging back in. Essentially, once per day is a good estimate.

Contrary to what I said above, here is a video of it happening while I was in Taal’s Keep, shuffling around some of my gear. Before this happened, I salvaged a bunch of white/green/blue/orange items on all my characters and went to re-roll a red amulet I had. I never played any missions, and only signed on for the purposes of re-rolling a few things. I might’ve been online for about 30 minutes or so. Here’s how that went:

I’m not sure what the Backend Error codes mean, but anyhow thought I’d bring this to your attention.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I play on PC.

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Hi @TravelMug ,

Thank you for the report! We’re monitoring the frequency of this error and investigating currently. I’ll add your details to our database.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I’ve had that error pop up numerous times right after the OE Patch 3.4 came out and I searched the Vermintide Reddit and found this:

Granted, the post is 2 years old and the game has been through a lot of network and connectivity changes recently. It might not be the same problem as it was then but hopefully it gets resolved soon. I do know Fatshark does use a service provider for the backend which holds all of our game file information. What I don’t know is what service provider it is or if it’s even the same one from 2 years ago.

Link: Reddit - Backend Error 1110

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Hey there, me again. So I had another “Server Error: Backend Error 1110” happen right as I was about to finish a Fort Brachsenbrucke mission (on Legend, with 1 friend and two randoms). We were literally running to the portal after clearing all the cannonballs, and I had it happen again. Though I learned something…

My only option was to “Quit Game”, though my mission was still intact in the background, and everyone seemed to be moving just fine. Luckily I was playing with a friend and was able to communicate to him to tell everyone in the mission to just go to the portal and leave me for dead. They did, I saw myself go down (not dead though), and upon entering the portal, the mission ended. My screen faded to black, and immediately sent me to Taal’s Keep (with no chest, sadly…). The “Server Error: Backend Error 1110” appear just went away for me after that.

Everyone else managed to finish a mission with a chest, and despite me going down and not being in the portal, they did finish with 1 grimoire intact, apparently. Since I was the only remaining grim carrier, I thought that was odd.

Anyhow, just some more info on a way to ensure your team gets some sweet loot, even if you don’t. Really wish this would stop happening though. Those are 15-20 minutes (of many) that I won’t get back :confused:

Thanks for the added info @TravelMug

We’ve seen other reports of this behaviour linked to disruptions in the backend.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation.


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