Repeated backend errors

Anyone getting repeated backend errors right now ?

Edit : took me 5 tries to get to the keep.
Edit 2 : borken again :C

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Yep, same thing. Have other friends playing though.

Edit: works here as well now. Must have been a sign from the Chaos Gods that I have to revisit Verm1 for a short while.

Yup, also getting. Cannot get in.

Edit: Sorted for me. Hosted and joined a game.

Join a friend=Backend error
Start my own lobby/private=Backend
Restart steam/internet=Backend

is there no mercy today?

+1, everything was working just fine a bit ago. Wife and I both getting the error on separate computers now.

Same. Just made an account to report

Same problem except i cant even get to the keep

Sorry about that - we should be back up and running now, please let me know if anybody is still experiencing Backend Error 1071.

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Just played a game with no issue :+1:

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