Backend server errors

After finishing my first game today, instead of returning to the keep, the mission just looped.

After finishing the second game, we were stuck on the black loading screen until the host closed the game.

Then, I ave encountered multiple server errors since.

Namely, it won’t let me do anything to do with gear and I server error out of most lobbies I join.

I have gotten the generic server error message, as well as:
“Backend server rejected the challenge response”

Connected to one game and the game locked at the end. We could still type to each other, and I could still move, but the game was locked up for all of them. Strangely, I heard the VICTORY noise play, even though I was still in the map - then I server error’d out.

Firstly, could you please verify integrity via Steam if you haven’t already?

Secondly, are you using any mods?

Verified all the files before posting. :slight_smile:

Completely vanilla too, no mods.

Seems like a second reboot may have fixed the issue - but things still hang for a bit before opening a chest.

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