Backend Error 1110 {patch 1102}

ok so the patch has made the game unplayable. it doesnt even get past the intro. what is happening to FS and their Dev. team?

how did you address an issue by making it worse?

This crash is unrelated to the patch, game was fine on the patch earlier but maybe an hour ago(ish) it started crashing with this 1110 business. no idea what is causing it tho :frowning:

there was a problem with the backend error before this patch, but the patch notes says they have updated to fix it. It must be related to it. i could be wrong of course on the main reason, but it doesnt even open up so its much more annoying than before.

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Before today I was getting the Backend Error 1342 a lot, this is the first I have seen the 1110 one :frowning:

I agree extremely annoying. Just got home from work, and really need my rat-stabbing-fix to unwind!

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i somewhat got past it, stay away from quick matches, so play with friends, and exit steam and restart it. it helps get past the error sometimes. kind of sad this is the only method atm

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And I was wondering why no one was joining my game, when I was playing with friends yesterday. Btw, we all were using this workaround to join the game, maybe it allowed us to play.

Yeah, just checked it - the game works fine for me.

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