Open Letter to our players

What do you mean? Darktide PvP is spelled B.A.R.R.E.L.S.


i have 15 hours in the game, but havnt played anything, 15 hours sittings in the launcher and loading screen crashing so idk

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Spent almost all of my plasteel, probably 20 hours of missions, just to get a single 380 weapon consecrated to the max level, and of course the blessings got completely screwed over by RNG.

So, any idea when we’re gonna have any kind of agency in building our weapons ? To say that this sucks is the understatement of the century. The blessings are already all there, the perks too. Telling us that “this may take months” gives me the same vibes as saying “it’ll take me weeks to put together this Ikea chair”. It just sounds ridiculous.

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Who cares about two wrongs making a right? It’s not about what’s right, it’s about what’s in your best interest. It’s a true dichotomy, either you, the individual gamer consumer, or the corporation. There’s no other party within this equation. Fk making things right, you’re simply goofy if you have that mindset.

Be like Cyberpunk, Pheonix this - rise from the ashes as something greater!

Foundations are strong. Just needs a renovation.

Heads up before you head out into the real world, you don’t have to be gracious to someone who scammed you.

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Attitudes like these are the reason the games industry is in such a state these days.
Everyone should care when exploitative money squeezing mechanisms make their way in to games, as they are a clear sign that the players are no longer the priority.
There is a large box of shitty exploitative tools developers are pushed towards including these days and even a hint of them should be rejected on principal.

I’m sure I’m not the only player who has, and will continue to refuse to buy this game on the basis that they fell in to the trap of including any kind of shitty exploitative profiteering technique that is not just an honest expansion also focused on player experience, as all focus of the main game should have been in the first place.

Learn from “Shadow of war” Fat shark, dissolve the shop and include all the content within in as part of the standard game.
Hell, even a tiny dlc that is free to those who bought the game before sales.

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Yeah, but that’s not playing the game for 70 hours without crashes like I have. A friend of mine crashes more than I do.

I’m not saying refunds shouldn’t be a thing :slight_smile:

Game development is a lot more time consuming than IKEA furniture. Just because they were incapable of shipping a finished title doesn’t mean that they are somehow capable of changing this fact.

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Maybe I should rephrase.

I do care about exploitative tactics, loot boxes, skinner boxes, and shitty monetisation practices. I don’t think that the monetary shop as is is particularly great, but at least now we can buy the amount of currency we need to buy the cosmetics we want (I’d prefer it without the premium currency).

With that said, the cash shop does not hold the rest of the game back. It’s not complicated to develop, it’s something relatively junior devs can do, which is more than can be said for the other problems plaguing the game.

Open Letter to Fatshark

Go play Deep Rock Galactic to see how a mission select screen with variation should work.

This roughly 3gb download game absolutely wipes the floor with Darktide.


Very possible. I try to be optimistic but temper that with a good dose of reality if I can. If they are “going according to their stated plan” I am curious what happens after the 3 month bug fix/balance/missing features dev cycle. After that point do they switch to console full time? Seasonal/New Content? A mixture of both? Who knows.

Small addition, if I may:

Go play Deep Rock Galactic to see how cool cosmetic distribution, fair monetization and actual community support should work.


I would really like if some people took to introspection and considered the situation as is, not as it could have been or as they wish it to be or look for blame at any cost.

The game is what the game is now. Less buggy after the recent patches. It doesn’t matter if it fits the FS original vision or if it (also) fits the malicious intention attributed to it (and, you know, for many elements that I don’t like I can find a logical, non-malicious explanation and how it got broken because of interaction with other elements) - what it matters is that the FS stated that there will be changes, especially in the areas that the majority of us find lacking.

Nothing short of a time machine can change the state of the game or present tomorrow the announced changes - no amount of “they should have known”, “it should have had it” or “I want it now” will make any difference to the DT roadmap. Such comments do appear childish after enough repetions, especially once there has been a reaction by the developers - and I would remind that so many comments used to be in the line of “the silence is deafening”. One of the reasons why there is not a lot of communication is exactly this kind of replies. Not constructive, not acknowledging anything outside “I want this and only this”, just time wasting and toxic and demotivating for people working to provide us with the product that we are interested in. And the more I read such posts, the more I emphatize and sympatize with Fatshark, in spite of my personal major disappointments with this game.

Finally, as another forum member pointed out, this is a luxury item. For some it’s cheap, for some it’s not, but it’s still a luxury item and definitively not in the class of, say, a car. Of course, if you feel that the money you paid for it is worth the rants, repeated accusations, etc., sure. But do consider if such behaviour is good for you.


New player here. I play through GamePass so not so much skin in the game as other players nor do I have enough game time to see all the flaws… well not true. Found a bug in the tutorial and could not complete it… anyways.

My question is: Has the developer discussed how all the issue came about? I mean did they own up to the Why the game is in such a state? I am just curious if they are really being transparent with the community.

Is it ‘Use mouse 4 to do use a weapons special?’ If not, what’s the bug?

The open letter at the top of the post is as far as FatShark has come to acknowledging how bad the game.

I’m quite interested now to see if this letter will be the communication until…Valentines Day? Mothers Day? Easter?

More silence will be more frustration.

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This shows such poor vision and design philosophy. You guys keep making completely inexplicable decisions that make the gaming experience worse, alienate your customers and they are not even good for the profitability of Fatshark. It is clear you guys have some major talent developing this game but what is FAR more clear is that the management and leaders of this company just CANNOT get out of their own way.

It would be commendable receiving this letter providing some transparency on what is going on over there but then you completely blow it by suspending/delaying new content and cosmetics. You executives are just so completely out of touch with the gaming community. If you cannot handle delivering what has been repeatedly promised, fixing bugs and new content then you need to step down Martin and let someone who understands why the plan you outline in this letter will be the final nail in the coffin for this game never reaching its full potential.

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Its like its right there…the idea is great …gameplay fun (when not crashing) but damn this was such a dissapointment. :frowning: from vermentide 2 to this like its not a step back you all fell down the stairs. what happened?

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Im going to add one thing. I will say i will give you credit for suspending the cash shop new items until the game gets patched. One thing that kinda bugged me is everything was locked behind level walls or say “coming soon!” but i can buy cosmetics for my character. thats a bit sleezy so good on you to push that back. i really hope this can get turned around maybe some options for different character type builds less damage head pops to say pop 3 more heads at a time just options. And as far as the mission select its confusing as all hell and appears no order to it at all i have no idea what im supposed to be doing aside from joining quickmatches because everything else just really doesnt mean anything.