Open Letter to our players

This is somehow more than I expected and less than I wished for.

Some kind of more detailed roadmap would be nice, but I know that roadmaps add additional pressure for the devs. (I code for a living - not in gaming though - and other people make my roadmap, ugh).#

I hope Fatshark will get the problems sorted out because the core gameplay is great.

Darktide and Vermintide are 2 very different games. I suggest you play them back to back. There is way less overlap then you think.

No i´m not, it´s just laughable that some poeple can´t even stick to their words, but are always like “They promised, they said” by themselves.

Said it multiple times in different “FS silent blabla” threads… at the moment FS will show up and communicate without a big patch or so in their hand, poeple will continue to complain. And yet it happened… FS made the mistake to show up and excuse, just to get more complaints from poeple being like “If they would atleast excuse, i would be fine.” or “All i want is communication…” etc…

The state of the game and what´s gonna happen next was obvious. And yet poeple have something new to complain. It´s laughable at best how poeple still act like the world goes nuts and fail to see that FS is trying. And this is no flame, it´s reality since the game released.

Also i remember you. You´re just another one lieing and failing to stick to their own point.
The poll you found out about 1 minute after it got created and claim “It was not me!”. Then jumping on steam being like “Hehe, it´s so funny. Someone posted a thread about a poll in the official forums.”, while it was obviously you since both nicks [were the same]. And while you got immediately caught, you changed the thread to “everyone that responded is cringe hehe”, meanwhile changing your nickname here and posting a link to your poll once again.

Like seriously?

They posted a statement. That’s not communication, it’s one way corpo bs after over a month of silence. It’s so weird to me how people like you are so ready to gag on whatever crumbs the devs hand out.


A statement to the players is actually communication and it contains everything important right now. An excuse and how things will be handled within the next weeks / months.

Dunno what else do you expect? Again, major changes need time, all this was totally obvious since no updates but a survey got handed out. And your expectations of me lack hard. I don´t really care about what they´ve written, because again… it was obvious what´s going to happen. Such “communication” is just wasted time to get the stuff done right. And it obviously doesn´t help to become friends again with this “insane community”.

So again, what do you expect? Major announcements for something they need to build up based on the survey which is 1 week old or so?

Yep, an excuse, precisely, not an apology.

There’s absolutely nothing resembling an apology in that letter, it’s the guy that lied to us about 2.4k Aquila packs spewing more PR nonsense, carefully worded so people can’t use it to get a refund.

This statement would have been OK right at the launch of the game - but after a month of complete silence, excuses about “hurrdurr, holidays” and no fixes whatsoever, this is just a slap in the face.


the communicate to say well we dont have any updates for the game and we arent done anything, isnt a proper update they didnt even say they f****d up

i have no idea what ur talking about

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Well anyway, recent reviews dropped 2 more percent since the letter dropped, though the days passing sure do play a role in the calculation.

What we need to see, as players, is updates, and relevant ones at that.
It sure would be good not to have 4008 errors 20% of the times connecting to a match, working curio perks etc. etc. etc.

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And what do you expect which can be done “within time”?

You call it a slap into the face, and what was / is silence? A slap into the face too?
That statement is atleast something. Be mad again if they haven´t delivered within the next 2-3 months or so. But being mad about no communication just to be mad when they finally say something is a joke.

We appreciate that everyone has an opinion (differing in some cases, and of varying degrees of strength) on the communication that went out last night, we’d ask that folks rein in the hostilities against each other and avoid the PvP. Thank you :two_hearts:


Can we ask you to do that for Darktide ? Like no Versus idea and things PvP?

Dude, relax.

At this point I’d be willing to bet your IP address is located in Stockholm.

Yes, silence towards customers after breaking multiple promises and lying to them is a slap in the face. Then going ahead, teasing a “community update” for ages, blaming the delay on the Christmas holiday, only for it to turn out to be yet another nothing burger by the clown that took the decisions that created this whole fiasco, is one, too.

Not sure what’s so difficult to understand about this.

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Imagine spending fiddy quid on Aquillas only to find out future Cosmetics have stopped… AAAND another bomb goes off.

Please just ignore that guy. You know who. He’s probably the only person on this forum still willing to make excuses for FS. Going by the discourse in other threads that involve him, there’s very little point engaging in more conversation.


Looks like a penance. I will believe in it when I will see results.
And if it genuine, I have to ask, was it worth?

While I won’t excuse or even try to downplay the problem in the game, I would still say that there is no point amassing Salt, and the only thing t do is wait


How about you rush an actual mission select screen. Whoever told you it’d be a good idea to make the level select a roulette should be fired and banned from game development entirely. Your game is literally unplayable when it is actually impossible to play certain missions simply because the RNG God has decided that’s not how I’m allowed to have fun.

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And yet you still don´t get it´s not about excuses. It´s just being realistic about the state of the game and what´s possible for FS to do within a specific timeframe.
Spreading hate won´t solve the issues. If anything it´ll cause even more work which lasts in more delays. In the worst case you exeggerate it so hard, that no new players will join the game and only a handful of poeple will come back once fixes appears. And suddenly the game you actually want to fell in love with will shut down its servers.

You guys are just too blinded by your frustrations to see that.

Also showing some kind of humanity when they actually show their good will isn´t much to ask for. They want this game to succeed as the players want. Even if we would say “They just want it to succeed to get money!”, meanwhile we want it to succeed to have fun, doesn´t make a difference. It´s always better to go “hand in hand” instead of flaming or going for pointless debates. It saves time and nerves and will last in a better and faster delivered endproduct.


if the game dies, its fatsharks fault not ours,