Dear Fatshark, Thank you! Hopefully the first of many positive updates!

Fat Shark you made many missteps in releasing the game. And I am not making excuses for Fatshark, and recognize that the letter is just words, and not updates. However we should at least thank Fatshark for finally doing the right thing in publicly addressing the community and our feedback. I am not saying the game is going to be great in the next week or month, but the first step is acknowledging where the game currently is, and recognizing that the release felt like a slight against us players. I do not know where the updates will go, but we should at least congratulate FS for doing what should have been done in the first month of launch, and encourage FS to finish the game and make things right with us.

I want to thank you for finally taking the first step of hopefully many of getting the game where it should be.

I hope you take full advantage of the opportunity and get the game to where it should have been on launch.

I know many people were frustrated how the game launched, and many people are pessimistic about the letter.

I say let the letter be the first of many positive turnings and updates for the game. While I will not be surprised if the following updates may not be that great, I am willing to acknowledge that the letter can be a pivotal moment for turning the game around, and I hope FS takes full advantage of the situation and makes things right.

We have to at least acknowledge that finally publicly recognizing the criticism and issues is the first step to turning the game around.

Fat Shark, please follow through and make the game great. That is all we are asking you to do.

Again, I am not holding my breath, but credit where credit is due. You have the capacity to make the game great, so please follow through.


Unfortunately, the Open Letter is just a bunch of sweet words. Almost identical to a previous letter they’ve released.
In order to get me excited to play Darktide again, they’d have to show me that they care. Words are cheap, as they say.


Wasn’t really a positive update

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Most important to me is their priorization.

In particular, we will focus on delivering a complete crafting system, a more rewarding progression loop, and continue to work on game stability and performance optimization.
This also means that we will delay our seasonal content rollout and the Xbox Series X|S launch.

I think this is the best order they can work on.
I’d like they release earn and re-blessing asap as it was planned and rework it from beeing completed.
Maybe just a few tweaks to RNG neccessary like buying/ grinding for more freedom/ power of players and circumvent/ overcome the RNG with Ordo Dockets or ressources.

let us level the weapons by usage to 380 and give us the freedom to distribute and re-distribute base rating modifiers for Ordo Dockets for example.
Like 1000 enemies killed with a weapon give you +1% of base rating modifiers.

Melk should sell better stuff in general and worth the currency.

If this is done in a month or two this would help the game and community so much to like it more and have some comprehensible progression.