A Message for the Fatshark team

Couldn’t help but notice the roadmap doesn’t match up with what we have. Plus a lot of crazy game breaking crashes and glitches. Also the game is meant to release in less than two days.

Just so you guys know… No matter what levels of mania and stress is happening in the studio… You’re all good. :slight_smile:

You’ll pull this together.

If you gotta take your time… Get a snack. Some water.
I know most of us will understand. :heart:


Game development is hard, and I can’t imagine the crunch that the Fatshark devs are being put through right now. I hope they’re all doing okay, and understand that, despite all the criticism, we’re all having a blast with the game as it is. Whatever’s happening, I’d like to think we’re a very understanding community.

We love you Fatshark. Thank you for making such a great game for us. I know it has helped me get through a very hard time in my life, and I really couldn’t ask for more. And thank you for making this post as well. :heart:


I drafted a longer post but it broke my heart so I’ll just say this. I love this game and am looking forward to launch… but you cant blame the community for whatever happens next.


Having a blast over here. Hang in there guys! :heart:
One of the best action games I’ve played in years!
Sure it’s not in an ideal state, balance, schedule, etc. but that’s something that can be adjusted over time.
Many harsh comments don’t consider how difficult and complex it might be to run a game company, work with a beloved IP and develop such a product.
Keep aiming for the best quality! We’re with you!


I’m sorry but am I in a circus? Because it sure feels like im surrounded by clowns.

I have a message for FS team too,

Stop selling unfinished products!


i think its pretty obvious at this point they have been forced to push out this game by higher powers not under the devs control. the issues are just everywhere and it will be a mistake to call it a full release. they need to call it early access for however long it takes to flesh out the main features of the game so that the steam review page doesnt get bombed.


The whole point if this kind of thread is to express support to the dev team.

What’s been achieved so far totally deserves it imo.
And among others I deliberately chose to support a pre-order sales model, knowing it encourages shipping unfinished products.

There’s already a zillion threads pointing out (very valid) issues and some just outright spitting on the work done (which is blantantly uneducated and useless, imo).

At this point, it’s obvious the game isn’t finished yet. But it’s already been marketed and sold as is. It’s not going to change course.

I have mad respect for Hedge and Aqshy (the CMs) who have to dive into the hateful and disrespectful messages on a regular basis, and who are still keeping their cool.
And I’d bet FS devs who might be curious have been discouraged from visiting the forums, Reddit and similar. They can probably spare the additional stress.

So, yeah, I’d reiterate that I appreciate the work done, that even imperfect and incomplete Darktide has been a delight to play, even through numerous crashes and frustrations.

Still one hell of a game! :heart:


3 delays aren’t enough apparently.

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After Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve become a huge fan of devs delaying games.
I wish game devs adopted the “It’ll be out when it’s ready” approach from Blizzard’s golden years, but the modern business side of it all ruins this common-sense practice.

Lol, get a grip.

The game was delayed 3 (I think?) times and it still isn’t even close to being finished.

Multiple technical tests and the game still crashes left and right and is horribly optimized.

Major gameplay balance issues and changes that aren’t even fully explained or made note of in the game itself.

Advertised features that won’t even be in the game when it launches tomorrow.

List goes on. This is a paid early access game and it is not being advertised as such. It will surely be review bombed tomorrow given its state, and that’s a completely reasonable response to the game’s current state in my mind.

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You forgot one thing regarding Cyberpunk 2077 . The first trailer (in 2013 btw) said at the end : “Coming: when it’s ready”. And CB 2077 got delayed a couple of times as well, and still flopped. DT got delayed 3 times, and is still flopping. Delays are useless when you still bring an unfinished product on the table … which most of the gaming companies are doing right about now.

Just slap “Early Access” on the game and people will somewhat understand. Look at 7 Days to Die. That game has been in early access since 2013, and still is to this date.

As I explained, “Coming when it’s ready” is no longer a thing with AAA titles. You have to release because of the business pressure.
No one took a look at CP2077 before launch and thought “yup, seems ready for release to me”. They released it knowing that it was going to be a clusterduck of a launch. Why?

  • Business / Financial side of the release and funding
  • Whiny, entitled players who want to play the game NOW, and can’t understand that software projects this big are not guided by highly predictable factors, but humans that, to make things much worse, have to interact with other humans. Also, sometimes, devs want to see their families - occasionally.

This is how we get “the crunch” and bad launches.

I just don’t understand that “we want it NOW and don’t want to wait till it’s ready” attitude in modern playerbase.

This isn’t a message for the company that set the release date.

It’s for the people on the development team who are dealing with it.

I’m not making an excuse for bad business practice. I’m just sending well wishes to the individuals who are working very hard right now due to those practices.

I’m sure we can all agree hydration is important.


I know a lot of people are angry and upset at the current state of the game, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated at how some of the things are right now.
But there simply is no way for devs to delay the game any more, there is too much pressure coming from multiple sides.
Even at it’s current poorly optimized and feature missing state, at it’s core the game is very enjoyable to play and sink time into. I have faith that the devs will be able to polish the product to acceptable standards.
Sadly so many people do not have any patience, they want the game now and will complain about anything and everything.

Devs, even with all the pressure remember to take care of yourselves too.


Yeah, except for the fact that it isn’t enjoyable to play compared to VT2 in its current state. It has its moments but it has multiple gameplay balance and philosophy issues that make it feel like a boring slog to play at times.

Even when VT2 had only oppressive RNG loot boxes to grind for, the game was still fun because I was playing to increase my skill and I could feel myself getting better. Doesn’t feel that way this time around, not even close.

People started to understand that delays are for the “greater good” of the game, after the CB2077 fiasco, hell, even Anthem shared the same fate, but when you delay multiple times and still get an early access game posing as a full release, that doesn’t bode well.
DT was announced in summer of 2020 was originally meant to be release in 2021. So roughly 1 year of development. Corona hit, yada yada, and here we are, by the end of 2022, with 3 delays under their belt.
I’m not a game developer. I know it is hard for FS, but with the experience of VT1 and VT2, you’d think DT would fare a whole lot better than the previous titles. Sadly, this isn’t the case. DT needs polishing…polishing that should have been done during those delays. Crashes, performance issues, people not getting past loading screen, people stuck in position 1 queues, people getting hard resets, unable to reconnect to ongoing missions…i mean … c’mon … people with monster computers having performance issues ? I’ve been reading that VT2 had some of these issues as well. Why aren’t the devs learning from past mistakes ?
I still enjoy the game with 30-40 fps on my 2080 super and i9 9900KF and 32GB RAM, on medium settings with everything else turned OFF.

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Can’t blame the Money and Publishing side behind things too much, either - except for extreme cases of course.
You got to understand that Publishers think different (and have to) because all resources are limited, certain windows for selling are a lot better than others and certain industry kinks that make such decisions relevant.

When a budget is given and deadlines not met, Publishers get anxious for good reason. Remember that the Gaming Industry has gotten this bad in the first place, because many good dev teams and many good publishers went under for lack of resources or other such shenanigans.

Also missing the Christmas sale period is a big red flag to any company in the West, as is missing the Chinese New Years in the East. It’s the one time of the year where the work slaves employees have off and the kids get their extra toys.
Not sure if you knew that number, but it’s estimated that roughly 1/4th or 25% of all sales in both, volume and value, are made throughout the Christmas period. Not trying to get too off-topic here, but it’s also the reason that, if you were to sabotage the economy, you’d target this period for ‘lockdowns’ cough cough.

I’ve crashed four times in 60 hours, two of which were when silo first released. Optimization will definitely be a job, though I get 100fps on mostly-high/extreme w/ quality DLSS/no RT; 21x9 1440p(3080/5800x)… ray tracing definitely needs work(honestly couldn’t care less about RT). I’m happy with that. I haven’t found a reason to want to upgrade my GPU, and I appreciate them pushing their engine as hard as they can.

I haven’t seen a single person crash in my games in the last 15ish hours. Feels like they’ve made more progress than expected, or I’ve been lucky.

Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I can definitely recommend the game for those that have been waiting for it. I try to give them some salt, smaller dev team releasing a game like this is much different than throwing something together on UE4.

Clearly. Needs more time in the oven but when your investors are breathing down your neck you need to drop that mess fast in order to make things look nice in Q4.

Love how you posted that we can’t blame the money and publishing side, and then proceed to describe exactly why we CAN :smiley:
Seriously, we mean “blame” in a different context (non-native speaker here). I meant “reason for” not saying they are bad people with bad practices.
I know a thing or two about the dev side of the release, but know next to nothing about publishing stuff that you described. This is why I used the umbrella term “business side”.
My general impression, however, is that it is the main factor behind publishing unfinished or, at least, unpolished games in recent years.

I agree, but the mistake wasn’t delaying it (can you imagine the state the game was in 2021 ?), but announcing it.
CP2077 was also delayed 3 times (or more), so my main question is: “should it have been delayed once more, or not?” I think it should have been delayed more if we consider all the feature cuts, irreparable damage to company reputation and bad launch press and user reviews.

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