One last Big Balance patch wouldn't hurt before you shelve this game

Huntsman needs a buff. Everything Elf is still OP. Bardin’s Axes and Outcast Engineer are still garbage. 2H sword needs a buff. Viktor is still a gigachad. Half of sienna’s melee weapons and staves are laughable. Huntsman needs a buff. Goat People need a nerf.

But in any case, would like to see the game sent off with a patch that balances the game to the best of your ability. Just so that we aren’t left wanting for what ifs and maybes.

I tried the modded realm balances. They were fun. Now you can do better. Huntsman needs a buff.


Huntsman is extremely strong, at the very least i don’t have any problems with that career.
That being said, the career skill could use a lower CD.

Elf is not OP but the elf is “newbie friendly”.
In more Legend or Cata difficulty i see more elfs go down than Huntsmen, just an observation from 1k playtime :slight_smile:

Outcast engineer is not garbage, this career is very situational though.
The thing about this career is that it is made to stay at range, but this game does not allow that to happen easily. Friendly fire, map designs, rear spawns, dense hordes, special enemies and so on… all contribute to the fact that staying at range is more difficult than simply going into melee combat (which this career is lackluster at compared to the other careers).

2H sword does not need a buff, absolutely not.
It is extremely strong where it needs to be (unarmoured targets) and weak where it is supposed to be (armoured targets).
I’ve used builds where the 2H sword has caused me to unintentionally commit a rat genocide.
It is a “brain dead” hack and slash weapon, but it can only get you so far untill you face a mixed horde and your cleave is stopped in the chest of a chad chaos warror who is not amused.
Pair it up with a ranged weapon that defeats armour and you’ll have a good time playing with it, just make sure to remember to prioritice targets and swap weapons depending on the target.

Viktor is a gargantuan chad (heck yeah).

The only thing i can actually get behind is Sienna’s Cowbill melee weapon.
I have been able to make use of every single weapon with every single combination of builds across all careers and build varieties. But i can’t make the Cowbill work unless i avoid using it at all.
All weapons have at least one swing that can be used to block-cancel your way to handle every situation to some degree. Or at least have breakpoints that makes the weapon sufficient in any situation that is the focal point of the weapons specks and you put on it together with charms and skills.
A good example of this would be mr Salts OH Axe, it can be used extremely well if you know the attack patterns. But Siennas Cowbill does not seem to be able to handle anything except Chaoswarriors. But even then, you might aswell use the Flame Sword that goes together with your build much better and is inline with Siennas “thing” to burn things.
The Cowbill needs at least one sweep attack in its swing patterns, i would vouch for the 2ndary heavy attack.

Goat people are iffy, but i don’t think they need a nerf.
This game needs to be challanging and the Goatsmen is a good mean to challange players.
They aren’t broken, all goatsmen have their nieche and can be countered easily if youre aware and know how to dodge and strike.

Imo, balancing discussions need “meat to grind”, as in facts to digest and grind down to their core values. Asking for balancing without referring to other posts, videos or imperically based arguments will most likely not get Fatshark to bring out the wallet for the devs to chew on for something to change or fix :slight_smile:

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agree and disagree.
game balancing is required, although the game is well balanced. I think what would be good for the game would be more fun skills without being “+5% attack speed”… but let’s get to what you said.
the kruber hunter is VERY STRONG, but some of their talents are just boring to use and that could be changed.
the elf really is op, but I believe that changes would not be welcome in the game, because she is in a nice and very versatile place.
bardin’s axes are very weak and the engineer needs a rework because he is very weird, I gave some ideas for the 4 bardin, I’ll leave the link below.
the two-handed sword is really weak (both in the kruber and in the victor).
the 4 victor is very well balanced, just like kruber and bardin, the only character that is really out of the norm is the battle mage siena.
about the siena I prefer not to say, because I prefer to see the interactions of the old weapons with the new siena.
what would be great for the game today, would be a patch changing all skills related to: +5% attack speed, +5% movement… these talents are boring and do not add anything.
I’ll leave some ideas down here about some characters

That’s fine and all but there’s a reason I posted this to General rather than “Feedback”. I’ll put in as much “meat” as FS does effort into their community interactions.

All discussions have been done to death. There’s nothing more to say really. Just opinions at this point. What factually is stronger or weaker, viable or meme is irrelevant at this point.

This game will shut down at some point. I just want it to be sent off with one final hurrah if possible. And as always. Fatshark is always welcome to prove me pleasantly wrong.

The next mission after Trail of Treachery and Sienna’s final career are both set to release sometime this year. I would expect that with those updates, there will be a few fixes.

I’ve noticed unless there’s an overwhelming consensus from the community on something having balance issues, it doesn’t seem like there will be many changes unless Fatshark was already considering changes. As you can see, there’s not much consensus on anything around here, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for balance patches. It’ll most likely be that last DLC map and Sienna’s career, then who knows?