NURGLOTH should have MONSTER armor

If Fatshark doesn’t want to see a Lord killed in one instant by Bounty Hunter or Shade… they should just nerf/rework those careers.

A berserker Lord is a mess. He cuts off a lot of builds and he’s incredibly tougher than any other boss… and considering that hell is the last phase … there is no need.


You mean so he can get killed like Skarrit in 2 BH shots?

You mean players might not excel at everything?

The actual boss is fine, the last 1/3 of his health where there’s too much going on to avoid with skill rather than luck is the problem. I’m happy to have a boss that is an actual threat and players have to take him seriously.


I think FS does have a work around for Monsters and Lords getting ganked: armor type. No 2 Lords have the same armor type, so spec for custom or roll the dice with QP

You should read better what I wrote.

We need a compromise. And, anyway, make it a berserker isn’t the right way to balance it.


I disagree.


Well, I think it goes beyond the opinions… Since how much it’s more resistant than the other Lords (and it does more damage too).

Sorry, I don’t know if I have understood well what you want to say… Could you explain to me?

How? Fatshark has made it to prevent that certain careers, like BH, onekill it… but this penalize more Huntsman than BH (another user shows some video into my thread).

And because a Lord that does so much damage… should be so tough too?

As the original poster says none wants to see the new Lord killed in one second, but the berserker type destroys certain builds… mainly the build that SHOLD BE a bosses killer.

None said it. Anyway:

  • this must be a reason valid for every Lords (otherwise you make Nurgloth greatly stronger);
  • the thread’s point it HOW prevent that the Lord is killed in one second… choosing the berserker type you fix one problem, but you add other problems, like make some cereers useless.

THIS is the point… sadly this Lord creates the opposite problem. Because if I play a bosses killer Huntsman and I meet this boss, I lose my niche and only the cons remain.
I just want do MY JOB (not everything, as you say): kill bosses.

Has anyone tried building with everything vs Berzerkers? Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere.

I’ve got maybe 10% vs Zerkers on something (probably a shotgun) but having a longbow build with everything %VS berzerkers just for him is a lot to give up for vs everything else in QP. I actually think giving MORE things in general berzerker type might help with diversity but that is a whole other massive discussion.

Bosses and Lords in general were thumped into the floor since 2.0 - there’s even a thread somewhere about The Gatekeeper being completely pointless, and I often see stormfiends and Trolls slapped into the afterlife so fast and Roger is now actually a super-elite rather than a boss as he gets dealt with quite quickly - so maybe this is a tentative move by FS to get everyone used to the idea that bosses are supposed to be much tougher. I still maintain it’s the final 1/3 of the battle that is too tough, not the armour type.

[edit] if all bosses and lords were given Zerker armour type, and every anti-boss class built for vs zerkers then it’s improve their niche rather than lose it. I personally think Boss Killing is Manbow-Kruber’s secondary role, as he’s anti elite/armour/specials first and bosses second.

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Honestly man, I don’t want to be rude, but your post is still off topic.

The point is NOT how much a boss must be tough.

Fatkshark decided to make Nurgloth very tough… Their decision. I can agree or I can disagree. But this is a different speech.

I’m judging Fatshark’s way to make him tough… HOW they did. This must be clear.

Using a berserker type is a very bad decision because it’s a very strange armor tier and it creates disparities.

When someone complains about Lords killed in one second… I read always the same names. Shade. BH.
Well… Despite this, the most hit career by this nerf, has been Huntsman.
If you don’t believe me, I repeat, see the videos in the other thread (mine). I can’t post them through smartphone.

Why should Huntsman be “less bosses killer” than BH? O.o
It’s a main Huntsman’s role… And if you don’t believe me, it’s enough to see his talents. More headshot damage. More %crit after an headshot. More damage after a crit… All talents meant to be useful toward huge targets with many HP (the other elites, CW apart, die with one headshot regardless those talents). And should we talk about damage reduction after a boss?

Anyway, that the power vs berserker has a very little niche, it’s true… And this is another speech.
BUT, make every boss berserker type, it’s a bad decision because berserkers are enemies meant to be resistant to those weapons used to kill elites/bosses. It’s a paradox (like a new type of Monks immune to shotguns).
Using a bosses killer career (and you must remember that a bosses killer career is an elites killer career too) I should invest every property vs berserker and the damage would still remain low (moreover the career would lose every breakpoint vs elites and specials).
For this reason every boss is monster or armoured… They are properties that fit well with a ranged career style that must deal with elites and specials too.

Another big speech can be written about not-Lords bosses… Because if they must be more tough, they should not spawn anymore in tight places between hordes and specials and elites.

Bosses getting absolutely nuked by BH with his effectively instant CD is a BH issue, not a boss issue. Building a boss around an obviously overtuned class just makes him feel annoying to other classes, outside the few that are just super good against him now (but still much worse at boss damage in every other situation).

The last 1/3rd of his health is definitely too much though, I think everyone can agree on that. It’s just a frustrating fight at that point, constant CC spam and adds blocking you from being able to kite. Not fun at all, and it’ll probably just lead to pubs suiciding if it’s not toned down.




Oh no first lord that can’t be shitted on by one character, hows that possible woe is us.

I think every lord should have berserker armor type


Oh, hi polite Perteks! Your motivation and your understanding of the text are always useful to the community. :wave:


Just going to throw this out: we as a community have been debating about a berserker armored boss for 3 years. FS made one now. Really no conspiracy here deeper than that.

Also, dude’s got daemon powers and too cool to nerf so soon.


I don’t think it’s as much about its tankiness as it is about the constant swarm of adds that force you to turn your attention elsewhere and in turn create too many opportunities for the boss to kill you while you are unable to retaliate, especially during the last phase. Aside from that it’s fine imo, even on Cata.

The problem is that boss killers delete bosses too fast. Making a boss to counter deletion is pretty bizarre since clearly the classes are the ones that need a nerf.

Maybe the “berserker” armour type was added to make that comical property a little less horrible, but it’s still completely ill-fitting. A normal player who doesn’t know much meta needs to go out of the game to find out that it’s counted as a “Berserker” when you’d never have guessed that yourself.

But the latter is just another example of Fat Shark being very, very, very bad at giving out information for actually making a build in-game.


Would not it be much easier nerf/rework those careers that can oneshot bosses… instead of penalize also “innocent careers” (and make a meat wall boss) giving to Lord a silly berserker type?


I thought you didn’t want to nerf careers like BH or Shade? I mean, what, are we going to be fighting with bare hands? Surely if you bring a monster killer like BH, then he should at least, be able to instantaneously kill him, right? It’s all he’s good for, after all. It’s not like he can kill hordes, or snipe specials and elites or anything like that.
Of course, it’s not exactly what you say, but it seems slightly hypocritical to ask for nerfs when you’ve been the #1 person to advocate against nerfs. I agree some weapons need buffs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do both at the same time, it doesn’t somehow magically use up some sort of “development slot” where you can only either buff or nerf weapons, and not simultaneously. Y’know, something like a balance patch? You could call it a Big Balance Beta of sorts. Anyways, this is a bit off-topic.

Uhh, I don’t really agree that other careers are that especially penalized. I’ve played the mission on Cataclysm and melee careers like Slayer do well, same with Mercenary etc.

Man, keep this small irony away from me, please.

I’m just interpreting Fatshark behavior. I don’t think BH or Shade need a nerf… but if Fatshark to stop them have to destroy the entire cast (specially Huntsman, since he’s the other bosses killer), I prefer see nerfed only two careers. Is it clear?