Reminder to Fatshark that Nurgloth is still overtuned

That final phase specifically is still ridiculous.


Whats ridiculous about it? They removed Elites from the final phase, there is no specials spawning. All you need to do is kill marauders and hit the boss, while blocking his attacks and moving out his much slower than before AoEs.

The earlier phases also got nerfed quite severely already. There is hardly any Elite spawns compared to the dozen CWs twice in a row shenanigans.

All you need to do in the final phase is watch your feet, stay alive and hit the blob when he conveniently comes close without swinging his scythe in your face. Careers like IB and FK can just Ult and start swinging, or Blunderbussing. He is still pretty weak to those. Press F to win Careers can just camp their skill, push and F, or simply place a bolt into him every now and than.

If they further nerf him he will just be an annoying slogfest, like the other bosses.

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I think it’s still on the overtuned side, but I kinda like it. The only problem is his berserker armor, unless you happen to have a blunderbuss or a heavy hitter career, you are probably gonna fail in qp.

Still, I like him more than Rasknitt. That one is an other damage sponge, and oh so annoying.


I do not feel he is that bad.

My last 6 or 7 legend QP runs into him all succeeded i think.

ah right, i have not actually played that map on cata at all so i cant really comment on it…but i think it´s important to specify which difficulty these struggles are found on as to help fatshark figure out what might be bad.

For instance, OP just calls the final phase ridiculous but if if this is only really true on cata then that should be stated.,or if he feels the phase is ridiculous on all levels then i´d disagree x)

How so? OP did not specify anything at all so for all we know he´s playing on recruit and is just making his statement for the fight in general.

To which i expressed my disagreement based on my own experiences in legend…if there is an issue in say Cata then thus should be specified by OP and until that is done then my statement is perfectly valid^^

But as for you yourself…i recommend you take some time off to reconsider your tone when addressing others in such a general discussion since you come off as rather rude <.<

yeah it’s worse on cata. on legend we usually kill it, but adimittedly, we are leaving most of the books behind (i suppose if you go for max loot, you can leave 1 tome behind, as he drops 4 dies. but i think 2 grims on legend for his fight might be tough, i haven’t tried it)

Edit: you’d probably succed if you choose the map, but the problem arises with qp. and i say problem because while i also like the fight as it is (more or less) the goal is not to have a “skippergate” on our hand while doing qp

Its probably still slightly overtuned but personally i also feel like most of the guys i play it with have still no idea what to do in the encounter. In a way its really simple to just clear adds and chip away the bosses health pool but something about the constant stream of enemies makes people do sloppy mistakes.

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Wait, they removed the Chaos Warriors?

I can agree, dumping dozens of them is overkill, but they really should still spawn regularly. :frowning:

That’s just as disappointing as walking through Fort Brumblebrick because plague monks won’t spawn.

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Legend QP

I dont think you realise that your opinion holds no value if you dont play at least cata unless you meet specific requirements but i doubt you do.

i have not actually played that map on cata.

Wow really? Shocking. Never would have guessed that /s

The only thing I think needs to be changed is his knockback with his scythe attack in the 3rd phase. Several times now I’ve blocked his attack, only to get knocked back into the ring of fire (cause you can’t always dodge the knockback scythe attack), then get knocked back into Nurgloth, and then hit again, losing like 4/5 of my health, or get hit by raiders as you’re floating through the air cause you can’t block. Other than that, I think the boss is great, a strong independent boss with raider support coming at you from all sides, really testing your reflexes.

Well that’s not very nice. I don’t think that username is very fitting.


I dont think its overtuned.
Maby just the knock back in the third face feels a bit much and should maby get a bit tuned down but that’s just a personal feeling, everything else seems fine for me. And yes talking cata, on legend has ok

What’s super annoying about his third phase is that he can knock you back without a chance to stop him, and sometimes you get launched high into the air or are unable to prevent getting hit by the other enemies while defenseless in mid-air.


Would be surprised if that was the case. It is more likely RNG being RNG, would have to check myself though. Also, most of what Radina said is not mentioned in any Patch Notes since the last “complain thread”. So I guess people are finally getting a bit more accustomed to the fight and just having the feeling that the boss got nerfed.

Also, have yet to see a single QP group on Legend or Cataclysm suiciding at map start.


I agree… and honestly I can’t understand how someone could say “He’s fine”.

During the third phase you can receive tons of unfair damage. With his scythe he can cover the entire arena and, even if you block the attack, you fly away… so you can be hit while midair and you can land on the eruption.

I agree… few people talk about Rasknitt, but the boss fight is really boring/unfair… with that sponge boss that stuns you continuously while there is an infinite spawn of monks and shielded SV.

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Well aren’t you a bundle of joy?

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Only problem that he is unstaggerable in third phase otherwise he is quite easy

Yeah rasknitt is just an extremely boring boss

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