Enchanters lair final boss phase needs tuning

Should probably disable horde enemies during it so its just the boss when he’s swinging his scythe around constantly.

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No, its not a problem at all, just get your priorities straight

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Its great if anything i was disappointed he didn’t turn into daemon at end =( but new boss fight always a plus!

Hordes during fight could be comparable with all other bosses its nothing new.

I’ve fought the boss with several groups on Cataclysm and I think the fight needs to be balanced in a few ways.

  • Reduce the knockbock from his scythe so he isn’t batting you through the sky and onto the fire rings.
  • Teammates probably shouldn’t revive spawn on the fire rings.
  • His wide sweep attacks should be lethal damage to his own friendlies.
  • During the final 33% of the fight/ his health bar there should be lulls in the waves of enemies spawning. This is the only fight where there are absolutely no pauses to focus on the boss.
  • Maybe make him pause more in melee and reduce his swing range. I could never actually hit him in melee when there are hordes moving through him to target me. But I haven’t played enough against him to come to a final opinion on that.

The nurgle dude is the strongest boss in the game for sure just because of how much damage reduction he has and how there are infinite waves of units coming at you constantly AND from every direction. I think I’ll find myself dreading playing the map in the future because I have to look forward to a very grindy boss fight at the end. Just like how annoying Skittergate is.

Every fight with him so far on Cata ends with me being the last teammate up and trying to find a way to not be attacked by the boss for a second, dodge the infinite horde, and dodge the fire rings while somehow reviving teammates who are on the ring?? It’s a trifecta of nonsense and the developers need to nerf at least one of those problems.


Ye, the lord is clearly the strongest boss in the game… he’s berserker type without reasons (thing that makes him super tough), there are tons of dangers to see/avoid during an infinite horde (the boss can throw you directly into the explosion), his damage is the highest, you can receive some unavoidable damage.
He’s stronger in every single aspect and, as written, he has some unfair combo.

Sometimes there is no place on the floor without fire, sometimes everything is bright and sets on fire, there is no “clean” place to dodge to

after many tries, I realized, the fire is what deals more damage and kills us, the attacks with scythe can be dodged but not the fire an it explodes and we fly far away and then fire again and fly again

While I personally like both the map and the new boss, this is a nightmare to play with pugs and will become the new skipper map.

The map is too long for quickplay - just like Skitter a Breaper -, the pug mentality doesn’t like to be told how to fight the boss, doesn’t understand the importance of killing adds and kiting the boss in the third phase.
Once you lose 2 people there it’s almost impossible to revive them.


I don’t think the map is long at all but it is hard.

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If you’re looking for chalices, then it’s 30min by the time you reach the boss. The map itself is very easy, but the bossfight isn’t. So spending 30 min to wipe at the end with pugs doesn’t help.

I’ve heard people suiciding off the map when this map has been queued. If he’s not balanced a little then I see that becoming more of a norm than not because while I like the boss he is several different levels above all the other bosses in the game in terms of difficulty (as well as design … this is a great fight.)

You can do chalices and the skull on lower difficulties though if you just want to complete those achievements. And yes the Map is very long if you are getting all 20 chalices


Yep, it’s the same as Blightreaper or Old Haunts bottles. I think the map length is perfect as is.


Length is radically changed when skipping collectibles. Tomes are on the way, grims take maybe a min extra per grim, (chalices takes ages). I clocked it to about 10mins to get to boss room when skipping books and keeping a decent pace.

Until a majority of people learn the map it’s going to take longer ofc, but the map is surprisingly short if you avoid all the sidetrack.


I really hope we give it a solid month or two before we see too many changes to this fight if any at all. Once everyone has a solid grasp of how to deal with him, then we should take a better look at it… until then, let’s just hold our ground and do our very best against him. It might pan out that he’s not at all overtuned and it might be that he’s got other features which are causing lots of problems, but we can’t tell if it’s just knee-jerk reactions to his apparent strength.

Honestly, I think all of the lords should be this hard, but that’s just me.


@freqlectic makes a solid point. Finding chalices and turning all the hidden buttons for the skull takes a LOT of time. Once people have them and know the route through it’ll be maybe a 13-15 minute map with a higher risk of defeat at the end, rather that the 25-30 mnute it is while everyone hunts for chalices.


I really don’t think the fight is complex enough that a month or two is necessary to say what’s annoying or not. There’s not a whole lot to figure out.

@LordGiggles BUT MAH Seasons. That’s when it’ll (likely) be addressed if at all.

I’d rather then bumped the other Lords difficulty. I played HS alongside a good BH in Legend games tonight and we literally snuffed out Skarrit and Bodvar in under ten seconds. Couple-a bombs, couple-a purple pots, couple-a bugged headshots. Home for tea and muffins.


The main reproach I have is the stupid amount of HP or resistance he has.
If you don’t have a BH, a shade or a Waystalker with Piercing Shot ; he’s unbelievably long and his second phase’s difficulty step up compared to phase 1 is too high. Haven’t been able to beat him in legend, and QP Legends with unoptimized teams are unlikely to finish the map. Last time I tried, we died after 8 minutes of combat and he had about 1/5 of his HP left…

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Balance is one thing, a broken mechanics is another ones.

For the balance, we could wait… but the third phase must be fixed as fast as possible. Lord’s attacks (wich can be pretty unavoidable if you want to hit him) throw you directly into the orange zone. You can’t do nothing to avoid the explosion (and the endless enemies don’t help).

You can be hit midair too.

Important to be noticed, it’s the RNG too… sometime more or less TEN Chaos Warriors can spawn.

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