Enchanters lair final boss phase needs tuning

Then don’t hit him, let your team do it.

Just went through the fight; he’s very avoidable for 70% of the time and that I spent the majority of my time tanking him by kiting him through his soon to be explosive zones. The adds are pretty killer, but it wasn’t so bad that our otherplayers couldn’t recuperate while I was backing away. He spent 50% of his time running toward me and not swinging because of how I’d back up constantly and most of that time my team could whollop him.

I’ll prolly run it again later tonight (admittedly most of my games are premade) and I have faith we’ll clear it without issue… highly recommend a shade/BH for clearing the CWs, though.

It’s fine for now, IMO.


I’ve got no issue with BH getting a rework at all lol, I’ve advocated for it for a while now. Getting like a 6s CD on a pretty easy shot with no pots needed is insane, whereas pretty much everything else about him is mediocre at best.

I just find this particular boss annoying to fight, it’s not really engaging difficulty even. Just a bunch of health, CC spam and way too many adds. The third phase is awful and I’d be saying it was awful even if he was the easiest boss in the game. It’s just not fun to have your control taken away from you, or to eat unavoidable damage because the game took your control away from you.

Also not trying to be rude at all when I say this, but I really don’t think opinions formed around premades are worth much when it comes to balancing normal game content.


I respect your opinion but we play two different games.

Apart the fact that you MUST hit him if you want kill him… Nurgloth, during third phase, almost covers the entire arena (and if we consider the space stolen by trash enemies and orange zones, we could say literally the entire arena). He changes aggro continuously. He can hit you even if he’s aiming another player (and anyway how can you keep the aggro on you? Apart IB’s ult with the specific talent, it’s not possible).

The point is that Vermintide’s attacks can be divided in “heavy damage but easy to dodge” (CW’s overhead attack, for example) and “light damage but hard to dodge” (CW’s punch, for example).
Nurgloth breaks this mechanics because scythe’s sweeps are hard to dodge (when not impossible)… and in fact they did a light damage… BUT from there it starts an unbreakable chain of damage that kills you.

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Played this map a few more times, all random group compositions. Every single group that doesn’t have BH or Shade wipes to final phase

Everytime I play BH group wins (I just cheese final phase). Nearly every single group does just fine for the first phases of the fight. Had plenty of groups do the first few phases flawlessly (0 damage, no downs, nobody gets hit by fire) only to immediatly wipe to the final phase

Yea no this boss needs nerfed, his final phase needs to be reworked or nerfed into the ground.

Its hard to melee him due to his flowing, the constant trash spawns while also having the stage size limited by the outer fire ring, and then further the stage size is reduced by the size of Nurgloth and the size of his attacks. This final phase needs nerfed plain and simple. It way too heavily favors just cheesing him out with damage spam (bounty hunter / shade) its nearly impossible to revive teamates during this phase. Id rather revive players on Rasknitt alone, with a entire stage filled with plague monks

Final phase needs massive nerfs


My thoughts(and strats) on the matter can be found here: Nurgloth fight needs addressal

I’m seeing this a LOT on legend too, and I think this is a very bad thing.

After a few weeks and a lot of games I still stand by my point that the last phase needs a nerf.
For instance, the huge knockback into fire ring combo needs to be removed somehow. (unavoidable damage)

I’m also beginning to agree with the suggestion of lowering the amount of adds. Not because we’re getting overwhelmed, but it’s creating a dps issue. In legend/cata I noticed that teams without shade/bh fail because we were so busy with killing off the adds that we didn’t get enough chance to do some dps damage on the boss. After a few seconds we often reach this situation:

player 1: getting chased by the boss, busy blocking/dodging
player 2: busy dealing with loads of adds
player 3: dead
player 4: the only guy having the chance to do a little dps on the boss.

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Third Phase has the flies too I think. I definitely got downed by the CW wave while I was swatting flies. This causes almost insta-wipes often. you just cant counter adds, boss, fire-floor and help an ally with flies - let alone damage the actual boss himself.

I’m an advocate of NOT removing the adds, but removing just one of these elements;

Fire floor
Green flies
Boss Knockback

MY personal choice is removing the fire floor and flies, and INCREASING the adds. I did have a relatively quick success than I thought using HS, with a RV and Shade and a Zealot. Everyone stealthed and shot the hell out of the boss, while the zealot soaked up the damage.

This was a complete fluke QP grouping though, and building a boss around only one kind of team composition is flawed. I said it pretty early on in this thread, phase 3 is just too much RNG nastyness for even accomplished players to pull off regularly.

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The 3d phase is too brutal. I have yet to clear it on Legend, even once.

-Boss goes berserk, with unblockable and nearly undodgeable attacks (aka, very long range) that also knock you accross the room.
-The room is filled with the AOE explosions, which you literally can’t avoid because the boss knocks you into them.
-The adds don’t slow down either.

IMO tone down the boss melee knockback to “smacks you a bit” and not “yeet accross room.” Also reduce the number of adds in the final phase. Nurgloth should be hard, but that combination of features makes counterplay basically impossible. That’s nor difficulty, it’s just pain.

Third phase boss should be tuned down. But adds too… 8 Chaos Warrior are too much.

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Most you get per wave is 4, according to the code.

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I can swear they were more or less ten… And I read other people with the same experience. After that I don’t know.

People do swear on a lot of stuff which doesn’t happen like this in the game. However, for once I am with you. At least on Cataclysm there spawn more than 4 Chaos Warriors. I can’t read or even acces code but it is possible that 4 Chaos Warriors on each side are spawning. And that each side counts as one Wave.
Legend and below I am not sure. I am pretty sure that the difference in spawns is significant, so a maximum of four sounds reasonable.

Yep, I meant Cata too.