New patch has unoptimized shadows; severe FPS drops for several players

From posts in the steam forums, the new patch has caused severe fps drops for a large amount of players, and this particular user seems to have identified the cause.


Weird… There isn’t anything about such changes in the patchnotes…
I’ll try out tomorrow, if my FPS drops got worse… (my overclocked i5 6600k doesnt cut it anyway)

I’ve personally also noticed the severe drop in performance after the patch, immediately returning to normal after turning off shadows. They were in Low setting already so it’s incredible there’s that much of a difference. My FPS were halved with shadows on Low.

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Wait a moment. There’s local light shadow quality, sun shadows, and max shadow casting lights. Did you turn them all to off/1?

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I am not entirely sure but it seems there might be a bit higher CPU Load but not as bad you said.
Maybe 5 FPS less…

I’ve got an i5-6600K @ 4.4GHz and an RTX 2070 Super ( I know about the bottleneck…)

Ok I turned all the shadow options off and got about 10-20 fps back (not sometimes dropping sub 40 during hordes yay!). It’s definitely a nice boost but I hope they do something about the game’s CPU load cause honestly I’d rather like to have shadows in my game.



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Ever since I turned shadows off Hunger in the Dark from the second tome location on is completely bright and we’ll lit… Not that I’m complaining exactly but weird that turning shadows off had that effect for only the second half of the darkness section.

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