FPS issues since release. Beta was a paradise; previous version was good too


In the beta it was such good than I could add even sun shadows without having adding troubles ! Your optimisations were effectives, and provided to me new improvements.

Problem ! Now even with my older settings, I mean before the beta (I backed up my user_config file) I get FPS issues ! I have new drops I never had, and many stutterings !

What the hell happened between beta and the release candidate?

The regular stutterings happen most when the game is loading part of the map, while you are progressing thru it).

I see I am not the only one (reddit link) :

Also some of my friends noticed it too.

___ some infos on my config / settings ___

  • CPU : i5 3570K perm overclocked at 4700mhz ! (4 physical cores) and always 65-70deg max (even on the worse scenarios. I am used with OC sincesyears and my 4.7ghz is stable I passed tons of rigorous tests, have it for 1.5 years like that with no prob)

  • GPU : GTX970 overclocked at 1500Mhz for the gpu_cores_clock; same, stable, no prob, temps are always good, even on the worse scenarios)

  • 8GB Ram, extrem perf mode; I get no BSOD, never;

  • SSD (samsung 850 pro)

  • When I play I have a software which closes every other unused and useless softwares when playing. By the way it prevents anything else in the background to eat CPU ressources.

  • RIVATUNER stats on live software; I can watch live measuring; CPU cores; gpu; many temps etc…

  • In the game settings; FPS is cap at 60 to give more ressources and prevent to render unuseful frames. max_stacking_frames does not affect the result; 1 to 4 to auto; I get the same prob.

Also you should know, when any CPU core is reaching +90% used in this game, your FPS drops. It’s a fact.

I am disappointed; I have to do new tests to know what I should downgrade; for me the experience is worse over time.

Patch log :


In this version, we’re bringing over all performance improvements that we did for the XBox One version of Vermintide 2. Together, these optimizations will have a large impact on all types of PC systems.

  • Level unit complexity reduced and assets are reworked and combined to reduce draw call counts. Improves CPU and GPU performance by reducing draw call counts.

  • Level occlusion improvements. Improves CPU and GPU performance by reducing draw call counts.

  • Level lighting optimization pass. Removes and reduces the ammount and size of local light sources througout the levels that didn’t affect the visual result. Increases CPU and GPU performance.

  • Removed particle spawned lights and replaced them with manually spawned light units and code controlled flicker lights. Reduces the amount of lights created and destroyed each frame. Improves CPU performance for all particle effects that previously spawned a lot of lights.

  • Particle rendering culling. Improves CPU and GPU performance significantly due to reduced overhead in drawcalls.

  • Particle simulation culling. Improves CPU performance significantly by only simulating particle effects that are needed.

  • Moved blood effect spawning and pooling from Lua to C++. Improves CPU performance when spawning a large amount of blood effects and decals.

  • Horde enemy pooling. Resurrect dead enemy units and put them in a freezebox to be reused instead of spawning new ones when spawning a large amount of enemies during hordes. Improves CPU performance during horde events.


Patrols have been optimized to use less CPU.

“… large impact”, really?

I want to believe in it! But…

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In my case the optimizations never improved anything I actually think that the game ran the smoothest at launch and got worse ever since. 1.2 introduced random lags of 0.2-1s.

May I ask what your FPS averages at, and what sort of drops do you encounter?

There is currently a massive bug on the pit map. In the room where you have to defend at the barricades. No idea what causes it. But it’s audio and visual. It starts as a audio bug, sounds like a train or hair blower in your ears, then the frames drop to 5-7 on average. After a minute or two, their will simply be no audio, completely quiet and the frames will go to around 25-40 and this lasts the entire barricade fight until you drop down to the water area where the grim is. The entire party was on Discord, and we all got the exact same bug.

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